Author's Note


Apparently, the young lady (3 years old) who lives next door to me found out that I'm a manga artist and went: "I wonder if she draws princesses~" with a lit-up expression.
I'm so sorry, little girl.
I only draw filthy old men.

Chapters Included


From the back of the volume:

"The origin of the Elric Brothers! Once, Edward and Alphonse Elric were willing to do anything to become alchemists. But when they tried to use their newfound skills to resurrect their dead mother, they broke a taboo and encountered something more terrifying than death itself. Now, hardened by years of military training, Edward and Alphonse have returned to the woman who first taught them alchemy...but can she help them, or even forgive them?"


Outside Cover

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)

  • Two Rabbits (One eaten by the Elric Brothers and one by the fox)
  • A Fish
  • Failed Transmuted Human


  • I Couldn't Go To The Ocean This Year
  • You Too?
  • Ears, Ears, Ears

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