Author's Note


I tried to break off a piece of the box cutter knife, but ended up accidentally breaking the entire box cutter itself in half.

Chapters Included

  • Chapter 66 "The Snow Queen" (雪の女王 Yuki no Joō)
  • Chapter 67 "Burgeoning Borders" (この国のかたち Kono Kuni no Katachi)
  • Chapter 68 "Portrait of a Family" (家族の肖像 Kazoku no Shōzō)
  • Chapter 69 "The Foundation of Briggs" (ブリッグズの礎 Brigguzu no Ishizue)


From the back of the volume:

"A homunculus manages to breach impenetrable Fort Briggs, and the Elric brothers discover a terrible alchemical secret that penetrates every corner of the world as they know it! Meanwhile, Major Kimblee and a ruthless General Raven make Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong an offer she can't refuse... Whose side is she on, really? And how far is she willing to go?"


Outside Cover

Inside Cover (In Memoriam)


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