There was always something about FMA that drove me to it, but it certainly wasn't the first anime series. I thought the first 10 minutes or so was great (where it had the same style as the manga I hadn't seen yet), but then it got so insanely cliche, melodramatic, and so poorly written, I found myself thoroughly bored by episode 5, I believe.

Thankfully, the real adaptation for it has since gotten its limelight, but it is still somewhat irritating how so many plot-threads from that original series are still so imbedded into (mostly Western) fans' heads. Like, the first series is canon and everything after is just a pointless remake or something. Way off there.

Brotherhood had its flaws (especially at the beginning), but overall, a great series.

I can't say I feel the same way for its english dub, however. The Brotherhood dub was beyond lazy, and even though the original series was a bad one, its dub wasn't half bad in my honest opinion. I very rarely watch english dubs, and I think I only own two series where I can even watch the english dub; they're mostly just that atrociously awful.

For some fun, anyone reading, do some browsing on the Brotherhood episode pages, at all the mistakes and plot holes created by the dub itself if you don't believe me. That'll kill a good hour, at the very least.

I normally don't bother with anime wikias... but I like this one for one reason: It doesn't adhere strictly to English dubs. That is always the most embarrassing thing about most wikias of some of my other favorite series: it's clear the people behind them have never read a subtitle in their life.

Not all English dubs are good. A little tip.

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