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I have to say this is the coolest thing ever! I have been saying someone needed to make a FMA wiki and here it is!

Please note that this page is fool of spoilers from the anime. I tried to keep them minimal but that kinda became impossible when I was discussing my favorite episodes.

About Me and Fullmetal

  Hey this is Terra. The legal name is Holly. I'll answer to either. I first got interested in Fullmetal Alchemist when my sister got the first video game for Christmas. I have to say she absolutely sucked at it. I started to play and got twice as far in as she did, so for the next Christmas she made a gift of it to me. I got to the Alchemy Brothers the second time before I died. Then I lent it to my one of my best friends and we started playing  it together. She seriously had it and wouldn't let go for like eight months. Apparently she had already read the manga.

  Any way this year I beat all three main Kingdom Hearts games, so I thought I would start Fullmetal over from the beginning. I guess I have really advanced because I beat the game within the week. I only got stuck on Genz the second time but I just needed to level up. Turns out I should have spent more bonus points of my vitality. Any way I beat that game, bought the second one, and beat it in less than two days. I was so amazed that I just rented the whole series. I have to say I loved it from beginning to end.  The movie was really good too. I was just glad Roy lived, and the boys were together again.

Note: Roy Mustang it my absolute favorite character. The first time I heard him speak I knew he would be. I have been so pleased with his character development and could go on about it for hours.

My Favorite Characters

  1. Roy Mustang xxx
  2. Maes Hughes
  3. Greed
  4. Edward Elric
  5. Alphonse Elric
  6. Jean Havoc
  7. Kimblee
  8. Envy
  9. Hawkeye
  10. Lin
  • Roy........I find in fiction I often love the sly sneaky guy, the thief and liar, and the cowards. I like characters who aren't perfect I suppose. The point is if Roy was just really a morally bankrupt colonel with a god complex I would have been absolutely cool with that. Though I have always known there was more to him. I picked up on that early. When Edward passed the alchemy exam and was talking about being a dog of the military and fighting for a good he didn't understand, I always felt the pain in Roy. I was shocked to find out about his dark past. I don't resent it. I knew he wanted to be fuhrer for other reasons than he said. I am just impressed what a complex character he is. If he was ever killed off I would never get over it. I thought his ending in the series with Hawkeye was so cute.
  • I can't say the same about Hughes. Honestly I knew he was gonna die. The library sent me the 11th volume of the manga by accident instead of the first) and on the one page I read it said 'Ever since Mr. Hughes died......' I had just started to adore his character too. I still love Hughes. I loved how serious he could be and then switch extremes and start going on and on about his daughter. His friendship with Roy was great. Episode 25 was the most powerful episode in the first season for me. The flash backs of Roy after Ishbal were great. Made me love Roy even more, and then of course what happened to Hughes in the end. I cried, not nearly as much as I would have liked. I just knew it was coming way too early. I was surprised that I cried in the books as well. I guess I loved Hughes even more than I thought.
  • Greed was awesome! He has to be my favorite homunculi. He really cared for his men, and they cared for him back. Until the last minute I didn't know how to read him.  That really shows he was a great character. I know Dante made him in the anime, but I want to know if she really tried to bring him back for a reason, or just to make another homunculi. I mean who was he? In the manga he is just as epic. Even Lin makes an awesone Greed. He needs to be in more chapters!
  • Edward Elric. You have to love the main character. I sympathize for both boys, I know Ed is just trying to move on and get his body back. Winry was right they just won't cry any more. Ed does make me laugh when he spazes about his size. I get so annoyed because ghosts and spirits are always speaking to Ed but he doesn't notice. There are examples in both video games and episode 25. Like Armstrong I am moved by the bond between brothers in the story.
  • Alphonse if sweet, and enough like me for me to related directly to him. I can't hope to be as selfless as Alphonse but I'm quiet, I love cats, and have to keep my older sibling in line.
  • Havoc, one of Roy's men. He's a good character. He's amusing, I like how Roy always steals his girlfriends. I waited the whole show for something so shocking to just make that cigarette fall out of his mouth, and it finally did! The mystery of warehouse 13 was one of my favorite episodes of the second season. Roy and the gang really weren't with the boys till near the end, so it was good to meet up with my favorite characters and get a little comic relief.
  • Envy was awesome! For the first season I could have sworn up and down it was a girl. I mean it was voiced by a girl and often talked about it's cute body. But then I started reading the Manga and  Ed clearly believed he was a man. Well the last couple episodes definitely confirmed that Envy used to be a man. But besides for Lust, does it really matter what sex a homunculi is?
  • Hawkeye is the best solider in the military. That's what the guide books say any way. I love how she watches out for the colonel and I love her thing for him. It ended up being so adorable in the last episode. I found myself crying too, though I knew Roy had to live. In the manga and Brotherhood I love how her and Roy met.

The Anime

  I just recently finished the series. I have to say I was quite surprised. I mean I was able not to spoil the ending for myself. I really really hope Al gets his memories back. I have yet to see the movie. I should get it from the library any day. Either way I'm gonna order it offline. My favorite villain was Envy, just because my other favorite homunculi didn't read black and white. There seemed to be some good in them. Shou Tucker still creeps me out. I want to know who Pride, Greed, and Gluttony used to be. I can't wait to see the movie! I mean I saw Hughes on the cover. I don't care if it's 'the other Hughes'. I'm still excited! Roy will always be my favorite character.

 I'm interested in Brotherhood. I used to think it was a continuation but really it's a remake. I'll watch it, but I don't think it should replace the original series. Sure the show made some changes they didn't have to but I loved it. I mean I was confused that Pride was Wraith in the books. That's why when I started season 2 I was expecting Bradley to be Wraith. It doesn't matter either way. It is FMA I'll look into it! 

After I saw the movie I understood a little more. I mean the characters were kinda trapped to be in a continuation.

Season One Shocks

1. Mr. Tucker

2. Roy's Past

3. Barry the Chopper

  • I did play the second video game before I watched the TV show so I should have caught on but honestly I didn't at all. I freaked out when I saw what happened to Nina. But what really freaked me out was what happened in lab five. I knew when the chimeras came out it was going to be Mr. Tucker but I screamed out loud. I had just been so relieved he died I guess. He was so creepy man.
  • I figured out Winry's parents were the doctors before the show openly said as much. I saw the picture covered with blood. This episode made me love Roy's character even more though I'm still a little emotionally disturbed about it. I mean he's met Winry. I don't mean I like him more because what he did but it gave him more character depth. It made me understand him a lot better. At this point in the series I knew why he wanted to fuher. I sometimes I wish Edward would understand Roy more so he wasn't so annoyed with him all the time. Roy wouldn't like that but still.
  • Barry was sure creepy. I honestly love forensic shows so it's not like serial killers are new to me. I could tell it was him as #66. I think I was just surprised how much he looked like a girl with the wig. I always felt so bad for Edward at the end of that episode. Poor kid.

Season Two Shocks

  1. Where the Gate leads
  2. Wrath's creation
  3. Envy's true identity
  4. Dante!
  5. Al becoming the stone
  6. Overall Ending
  • I would have never guessed where the gate lead. I mean I figured it was the afterlife, land of the dead, door to darkness, something like that. I mean obviously I play too much Kingdom Hearts. It is so awesome I gate leads here! I mean it's amazing that our dead souls, I guess, are the alchemic energy for their world. I mean it's cool the energy goes somewhere. I know Ed shall return, and if at all possible hope Hohenheim may return with his son. Most all I really want Al to get his memories back. I mean maybe when Ed comes back throught the gate he can bring them or something!
  • I knew early that Wrath's limbs were Ed's. I was told, but if I had watched ten minutes into the next episode I have faith I would have figured it out. I feel bad for Izumi. That was touching story line. It's really interesting that he didn't become evil before he ate the stones.
  • I knew Envy hated Hohenheim. For a long time I guess Hohenheim was their leader. I thought Envy just hated him. I mean Ed thought he was the leader too. It was cool that he was really his son. I mean it made a lot of sense in the show. Best of all, it finally confirmed Envy was in fact a man, though I had thought he was a girl originally.
  • Dante. I didn't see anything like that coming. I mean no one could. I was surprised when she just died and nothing was explained, and I knew there was a reason Lyra was moved into the credits. I still didn't expect her to be the leader homunculi. When  Hohenhiem when into the gate, I was like well that was a long appearance. I mean he was talked about for seasons and then finally he shows up, but only for ten minutes! I was glad he had more to do. Dante was pretty creepy. In a long line what would someone like her want the stone for, besides eternal life. She felt like a protector, but that was really just some lame excuses to be a crazy killer. I mean like was Ishbal really so meaningless such as to be destroyed to make her live forever? I guess they wanted to scare away the weak and draw in the desperate. Now I think about it, her obsession to live forever in beauty reminds me of the first videos game villain Camila.
  • I didn't think Al would be the stone. It was a nice twist. I was glad Scar could save him. I knew despite his efforts against it, he cared for the boys at least a little.
  • I really didn't think the series would end that way. I mean I knew the bad guys would be defeated or slither into the darkness. I knew Al was gonna be human just because of the movie case, and I knew Roy had to lose an eye. Did I think Ed would be trapped in our world, and Al would be born again as a ten year old with no memories of the last four years? No way in hell! Pardon me. I was glad Roy and Hawkeye could be together. I knew the brothers would be reunited, but was surprised by the circumstances in the film.

Favorite Episodes

There are in chronological order, not most favorite to least of my favorites. I mean I love all these episodes.

  1. Mother (episode 3)
  2. The Alchemy Exam (episode 6)
  3. Night of the Chimera's Cry (episode 7)
  4. The Philosopher's Stone (episode 8)
  5. Fullmetal vs. Flame (episode 13)
  6. The Ishbal Massacre (episode 15)
  7. Words of Farewell (episode 25)
  8. The Theory of Avarice (episode 34)
  9. The Flame Alchemist, The Bachelor Lieutenant, and the Mystery of Warehouse 13 (episode 37)
  10. The Stray Dog (episode 43)
  11. Laws and Promises (episode 51)
  • I love Mother because of the flash backs, and most of this was the origins of the Elric brothers. It made me understand and appreciate the characters more. Plus Roy had a full introduction.
  • Episode 6 and 7 freaked me out. Maybe it was because how gripped into the plot I was, that it freaked me out so much. It was a good freaked out. I mean I still hate Tucker, but it was nice to get so wrapped up in the show,
  • The Philosopher's Stone. Barry the Chopper was awesome! I mean serial killers are interesting to me. I mean I love CSI and Bones. Forensics. So to see elements from things like that to mix with anime was really cool for me.
  • Fullmetal vs. Flame. I love Roy! This episode also let the audience see a glance of Roy's dark past. That was one of my favorite story lines in the show, so I loved this episode.
  • The Ishbal Massacre.  This showed the audience a lot more of Roy's past. I mean I was really shocked, but it really let me see what Roy was all about. I knew then becoming Führer meant more to Roy than seeing lots of miniskirts. I had always felt there was a different reason, but now I knew there was more, and even had an idea why.
  • Words of Farewell was one of the episodes I know I cried during. I think I may have cried when Roy tried to kill himself in episode 15, but I know I cried here. I loved the final back story of Roy and Hughes together. It was just great, I finally understood Roy fully. Hughes was a great man to be there for his best friend. The fact he took care of the boys for Roy, so Roy could find time to work his way to the top was touching. I cry about every time I see this episode. It even made me cry in the book. I cry not just because what happened to Roy in the past, but because what happens to Maes.
  • I loved Greed. Episode 34 might have been his exit but he was a great character. This episode really let his real personality show through more than the others he appeared in. I loved how he just told Marta to have fun.
  • Episode 37 was a great comic relief. I love Roy and his men. It was nice to have an episode all about them. My favorite part had to be how it opened as The Flame Alchemist. That's a running joke in the back of the Manga. It was cute to see in the show.
  • The Stray Dog. I had been waiting for the day when Winry would confront Roy, and Ed might finally understand him. It was great how Roy had to finally open up. Ed still doesn't really appreciate what Roy is really for several more episodes. I loved when they parted and could smack hands instead of saluting.
  • Laws and Promises was a very emotional episode. I not shamed to say I cried like a sap. I mean I cried for Hawkeye and Roy, for Al, then Ed. I was glad Ed lived. I mean I knew he had to. This has been the first anime I ever really got into. I'm amazed by the emotional grasp it has over me.

Fullmetal Alchemist The Movie: The Conqueror of Shamballa

  I find it ironic that the day I first saw the movie was also its release date for Blue-Ray, though I watched it on a standard DVD. That was just when the library sent it to me.  I did like the movies a lot. As a movie it was excellent. I like Amestris better than our world in this fictional set of circumstances. I missed seeing Ed doing alchemy, but I knew why he couldn't. I kinda liked what happened to Envy left unanswered. It was just so powerful when he left. But when the dragon burst out of the castle it was pretty cool. I liked what happened to Wraith. It was a good end for him I suppose. I can't express how happy I am Al got his memories back! To think he had lost all the memories of all the villains, friends, but especially his military comrades was too much. I mean he didn't know who Roy was! I had never imagined an actual end for the brothers, so I can't say I was disappointed. I just feel bad for Winry. In the movie she seemed ready to let them go, but I surprised she didn't shed any tears. I was pretty much crying. I'm such a wimp.

Movies Shocks

  1. Hughes being in the Nazi party
  2. Roy giving up his military position, power, and alchemy
  3. the brothers being together here
  4. Al being able to transport his soul
  5. Envy being in our world
  6. Hohenheim's fate
  • Okay I still love Hughes. I was excited to know he was gonna be in the movie, and new he was going to be a police officer. I shocked to discover he was a Nazi. I guess it shows every one can make mistakes. I think he redeemed himself in the end.
  • I never thought Roy would give up his stars in the military. I have always tried to understand Roy, and I think I did pretty well. I suppose he blamed himself for what happened to Ed. I mean he must have thought if he had discovered Bradley's true nature earlier he might have been able to help the boys and save them from the homunculi.
  • I never imagined both Ed and Al ending up here. I felt in my heart they had to be together, But I never really imagined an ending for them. I never thought they could just settle down. I thought Ed and Winry would be so cute together, and Ed would make a great dad. He thought babies were so amazing and all. Some how I think Ed and Al might have made it back to Amestris one day. Sins will always be committed in both worlds.
  • I didn't know Al would be able to transport his soul. That's really cool. At first I thought he might be split in two, the first part of him being his ten year old self, and the second half being his last four year consciousness trapped within the armor we all know and love. I'm just glad he got his memories back, and was able to be with his brother.
  • I thought Envy was gone for good. His exit in the show was so powerful I thought he was just gonna be left a mystery. I figured he was eaten by the darkness, or was recreated as a dragon to live on in the gate. It was awesome when he smashed out of the castle though.
  • I didn't think Hohenheim would die. I mean did he just want to get Ed back home no matter the cost to others? I suppose he thought alchemy could help our world and help Edward at the same time. If any one got to kill him I guess I'm glad it was Envy.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium OVA Collection

I have to say first that this was hilarious. I loved all thirty five minutes of it and the price is quite reasonable on Amazon.com

The collection includes:

  1. Interactive Experience
  2. Live Action Featurett
  3. Chibi Wrap Party
  4. Kids- Short
  • The interactive experience was highly amusing. You, yes you, have just passed the state alchemy exam and are currently under the command of Roy Mustang for the next year. First Bradley personally welcomes you on board, before Havoc takes over Roy's tour and mentor duties. Then most of the short is a tour and basic description of the laws of the state, alchemy,  homunculi and Amestris in general. Near the end of the short every one is called to Roy's office. Every state alchemist is called upon to take on the  homunculi and rescue the Elric brothers. In the final battle every state alchemist, good or bad, arives and takes on six of the seven homunculi. Pride couldn't be seen, but thought it was the perfect time to get rid of troubling soldiers. It was like the ultimate FMA show done.  Both Archer and Kimbly arrived to fight the himoculi. And who saves the day? You of course! Yes you! It was amazing.
  • The Live Actione Featurett was really cute. The Bones anime studio is Al's the Gateway to everything, that is if Al can fit through the door.
  • The Chibi Wrap Party was hilarious. It was actually the wrap party of the FMA movie if the characters were actors. Genius
  • Kids was by far my favorite part. It is the only short that could be part of the show with no time line or party member contradictions.  A mini Ed, Winry, and Al all are all taking off down the street to go visit a special relative. They actually pass a Conqueror of Shamballa poster. Finally they walk in on an old man. Their Great Great Grandfather Ed, with a present from their Great Great Uncle Al. You never get to see Edward's whole face. In the end of the short it said "In the year 2005, Edward Elric will be 100 years old. In this world, somewhere..."  It was absolutely perfect. It made me alot less sad about what happened to the boys. Sure they are older than normal but being the son of Hohenheim and being from a different world has to have some perks. A relative of Hughes, Roy, and Breda also appear in the short. I know it's funny the movie exists but Alphonse Heidrich told Ed to become a novelist. Maybe he did. I guess he finally got some paitence in his old age.

The Manga

I am currently reading volume 22.

I find the new Xing characters both interesting and strange. RIP Greed. Father is so creepy. He drank my favorite sibling.  I think it's cool I am past the parts the original anime covered. It's all new to me!

The whole Ross thing scared me so bad. I so was so mad at Roy and sad enough for her to cry surprisingly. Then I had to get on the wiki and make sure. Thank God! I knew it didn't seem right.

Okay, I loved the whole homunculi and military showdown. I love Roy so much! I mean it was right after Ross so I guess he had to win some fans back. He saved Havoc. Sigh. I can't for the English dub of Brotherhood.

I think the whole Ed providing nuetrients for both brothers theory is amusing. Honestly it seem like Ed might just be looking for an excuse to his shortness. I'm glad they explained Al's memories. What did they and Izumi bring back? I can't wait for Kimbley and the new Greed!

Poor Lin! I just read what fate befell him in chapter 54. It is what he wanted and if he was going to become a homunculi I am glad it was the best one there is. I think him and Greed have a deal struck. Surely even this new Greed would rather be an emperor than work for Father. I know Lin is still in there! Father is such a creep. Every one thinks so.

I love Dr. Knox. Don't ask me why. When his family showed up and he cried I got chocked up. But is that all his story we really get to hear? The Ishbal flashbacks were really interesting and so was learning about how Roy and Hawkeye met.

I rather like Kimbley as a gentleman. I just hope he still has epicly insane moments. Welcome Sloth. Finally! I want to read more about Greed though!

I'm glad all the characters are finally starting to come together. Go Grin! I love Hohenhiem. I love how Scar is helping out, and I rather have taken a liking to Miles.

I love how all the outcasts came together to stop Father. It was so cool. I have always liked full on character team ups. I swear if Roy or the boys die I am gonna freak!

I can't believe the last chapter is coming out in June! I am so sad! So after I finish this last volume I am going to read the last ones on the internet. It's going to end! Noooooo!


   The only thing is I'm a little fizilled that Roy isn't responsible for the death of Winry's parents. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that he's clear but I still hope there is more to him than being a morally bankrupt colonel with a god complex. I know there is more to him. Now it will just be harder to see what that something is and why it's there. I love how he is always talking about his dates. I've really enjoyed Armstrong's relationship with the boys. It's hilarious. I think I enjoy reading about Armstrong and Hughes the most so far. They just make me laugh.

   Now I see the other way. It makes Roy even better now that he doesn't have the guilt of the Rockbells to push him forward. He works forward any way. Because he wants to do what is right. He saved Havoc and killed Lust. I liked her in the anime but man she was just kinda evil to the core in the manga. I hope soon Edward and Roy can finally appreciate each other. I mean they are alike. Alphonse is right.


I can't believe I missed the USA dub date. I mean come on! I was only late by like a week and half though. So I got to see the first tow episodes. The second one was epic. The first episode was just okay. I mean Ed was supposed to meet many of those characters later on, the plot was fabracted, plus I had to get used to art change, and Al was much better as a boy. XD. All the same. Episode two was epic. I was glad they didn't wait forever for some flashbacks. We saw Truth so soon! I always figured the 2003 Wrath was based off him. I think I'm right. Yeah I am still not happy with Al, the narrator, of the art style change. It was better the old way.

I have been watching all the episodes online. It's pretty goodd. I am so glad Greed came in! I have been waiting. :)

The series is actually earning it's place now. It's gotten to the part where the path splits and is amazing. Go Lin!

The Novels

I have the first two novels. 

1. The Land of Sand

2. The Abducted Alchemist

I have started the first book and must say it's pretty good. Sure the action scenes are easier to understand when shown in Manga but I think the novel is doing a really fair job. I think it's awesome the novels were released in America. Honestly the second one will be way better but that's just because I know Mustang is in it quite a lot. The first book came with the side story of Ware House 13. I can't wait to read that!

The Video Games

I have beat both games twice this year alone. I love how Roy Mustang has to save the boys in both games. Both games have very sad endings.

Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel

  I have to say I think I liked the plot of this game the best. I just loved Armony, and chimeras are really cool. This game is also longer than the second one. It's plot stands alone. I had to know very little to nothing about the show to understand it. I really only ever got stuck on Genz the second time. For some reason I think the second time I played the game was harder. Though I never got stuck I got more game overs than I did the first time I played it. I was able to find all video scenes but one. Sigh. I hope they bring Camillia up again sometime. I want to know more about her for sure.

Note: The first time I played the game over a year ago I had more trouble but this year I beat the game twice. Everything mentioned above refers to my games this year. The first one being the first time I beat the game and second time being after I saw the first season fo the TV show and replayed the game to collect bonus materials.

Fullmetal Alchemist: 2 Curse of the Crimson Elixir

  Though this game was shorter, and only the second half of the game really focused on Crowley and Lebis I really really liked it. I feel bad for Crowley. I mean he just loved Elma too much to let her go. I really think Elma is the Queen of Lebis reincarnated. Whether Crowley is the king is up in the air, it was more obvious with Elma. I think Crowley was.

  The battle system in this game was easier to use. I loved all the combos. I mean I became the Queen of Combos. I also loved how fast the characters could run. I mean in the first game I was always giving Edward agility caps. The fact I could make weapons out of the ground was awesome, and this game was closer to the TV show. I really liked how the text had voice overs so you didn't have to read everything. The cut scenes were all great, some of them pretty hilarious.

  The end to this game was almost as sad as the one in the first game. When Elma lays her head on Crowley's knee I always want to cry. Maybe I'm just a sap. Crowley also reminded me of Sephiroth from FF7 a bit. Mostly because of the hair.

I want to say that I did in fact beat Armstrong in the sparring match. It took me a half an hour but still. This is also the first video game I have played and didn't get K'O'd through the whole game. This is true for the first time I played and beat the game. The second time when I was collecting bonus materials, not so much.

Favorite Quotes

  1. "Even in the darkest of suffering, a man can sleep. But for the man who inflicts the suffering, his mind cannot rest.ever."-Ishbala
  2. "Tell him, 'Fine, there's no way I'm dying before you do, you morally bankrupt colonel with a God complex." -Edward Elric

Other Anime Interests

  1. Kingdom Hearts
  2.  Final Fantasy
  3. Hayao Miyazaki films
  • I have been playing Kingdom Hearts for years. I belong to it's wiki.
  • I also belong to Final Fantasy Wiki. I have seen all the films, the Tv show, and I am currently playing X-2.
  • His movies are amazing. My favorite is probably Howl's Moving Castle though Princess Mononoke comes close along with Spirited Away. Howl's Moving Castle, the novel by Dianna Wynne Jones, is my second favorite book ever next to The Prestige by Christopher Priest.

My Fan Art

I drew this all free hand. I must say I am pretty pleased with these. I know I made Kimblee too tan but I only have two flesh tones. That one and Ishbalan. LOL. I guess I am gonna be drawing Miles and Scar.

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd283/LunaMoonCricket/AlphonseElric.jpgAlphonse Elric

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd283/LunaMoonCricket/EdwardElric.jpgEdward Elric

http://i222.photobucket.com/albums/dd283/LunaMoonCricket/Solf-1.jpg Solf J. Kimblee

Here is the link to all my other fan art.


I post it all there no matter what it's from. I hope to do a great Roy soon.

Other Wikis I Use

  1. Kingdom Hearts
  2. Final Fantasy
  3. Doctor Who
  4. Harry Potter

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