If you're not here to listen to me talk about me, then the link that brought you here either came through a time vortex or someone made a very grave error.[1]

My Favorite Contributions

  • Homunculus#2003_Anime - Undoubtedly the best work I've ever contributed to any Wikia. I'm very proud of it (but not in a pompous way). It's gone through a lot of editing, but at the core you can still tell it's mine. I'm kind of sad about some of the things that were cut out, 'cause there was tons of information that I thought was interesting. But at the same time, that's the way this place works, so it's not like I'm mad about it, either. Plus there's this problem I have where I never shut up!!, so a lot of it was probably necessary...
    • Here it is in its original state.
      • (If you're curious.)
        • (Or bored.)
          • (Or don't mind spending 20 minutes reading the endless fanatical ramblings of a great big nerd.)
            • (Also forgive my spelling and grammar mistakes, please.)
  • Dante#Relationships - Also some of my better works. I wrote this section (excluding the Pride part) because this is one of my favorite things about the 2003 Anime: the psychological underpinnings. While I think the M/09 storyline is a bit more epic in scale and louder and fun, the 2003 storyline was much more intriguing and mature, kind of like The Dark Knight. It's more psychological and dark--what with the constant mind-f*cks that take place--and places much more emphasis on philosophical concepts and their effects on the human psyche.
    • Dante#Envy - I love pretty much love everything about Envy. Even when he's being despicably evil, it's still a fun time. He's so delightfully psychotic.
    • Dante#Izumi - Not much to talk about here.
    • Dante#Hohenheim - I sometimes worry if I'm not just talking out of my ass with this one. I'm definitely not a psychology major, but it's still what I think and can pull out of the information I have.
      • Let me know your thoughts on this one if you'd like. I'd love to hear them. (But please be gentle!!)[

  1. Manga readers will get this joke.
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