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Ulchi is one of the Human chimera associated with Greed's gang out of Devil's Nest in Dublith.

A significantly tall man presumably assigned to bouncer duty on the bar's ground floor, Ulchi was alchemically combined with the genes of a crocodile. He is well known in the gang for having a ravenous taste for sexy women and, despite his reptilian strength, is beaten senseless by Sig Curtis when he attempts to accost Izumi in chapter 27.

When the regiment of soldiers led by King Bradley storms Devil's Nest, Ulchi is subdued and subsequently shot to death after refusing to return to being a laboratory test subject.

2003 adaptation

Ulchi is reduced to an unnamed background character appearing in three episodes with no details of his background in the 2003 anime.

Ulchi first appeared in the cart Roa was pulling when they were returning to the Devil's Nest after their battle on Yock Island. In this version Ulchi was killed by Solf J. Kimblee offscreen, where Kimblee was trying to get into Greed's safe to obtain the skull of the man Greed was modeled after so he can use it against Greed. Ulchi was later seen in a cameo during Martel's story to the Elrics, which was the only part that referenced him as the crocodile chimera. In this version Ulchi wears a yellow shirt.


  • In both anime adaptations, Ulchi is treated as a minor character.