Timeline according to the Manga chronology

Before known history The country of Xing is founded
The country of Amestris is founded

Xerxes is destroyed (Chapter 75)

The Philosopher from the West visits Xing
The Philosopher from the East visits Amestris
Pride is brought to life by Father
July 1558 Amestris attacks the city-state of Riviere
October 1661 The Civil War of Cameron begins
Around 1700 Lust is brought to life by Father
Greed is brought to life by Father
Envy is brought to life by Father
Sloth is brought to life by Father
Gluttony is brought to life by Father
1799 The Soapman case happens in Fisk
Around 1800 Greed leaves Father
March 1811 Occurrence of an open conflict with Wellesley
October 1835 Northwest of the present-day South City, Amestris attacks Aerugo, starting Aerugo's War
Around 1854 The man who will be changed into Wrath is born
1866 Van Hohenheim and Pinako meet
1872 Pinako marries
1873 Urey Rockbell is born
1874 Wrath is brought to life by Father

Trisha Elric is born

1885 Roy Mustang and Maes Hughes are born
Around early 1890s Hohenheim and Trisha are introduced and start living together


Izumi Harnet and Sig Curtis marry
1898 Izumi attempts to perform Human Transmutation and fails
Urey and Sara Rockbell marry
1899 Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell are born
1899–1900 Ling Yao is born
1900 Alphonse Elric is born
Year Events of the Elric and Rockbell Families General Events
1901 Start of the Ishval Civil War
1904 Hohenheim leaves his house
Trisha dies due to a plague (Chapter 21)
1905 Roy Mustang graduates at Military Academy (Chapter 58)
Berthold Hawkeye dies (Chapter 58 )
1908 The Rockbells are killed in Ishval by Scar (Chapter 61) Order 3066 is issued and State Alchemists are called to arms (Chapter 58 )
Roy Mustang, Maes Hughes, Alex Armstrong, Riza Hawkeye, and Solf Kimblee go to the Ishval Civil War front (Chapter 59 )
In the summer, Ed and Al are accepted as Izumi Curtis' apprentices (Chapter 21) Dr. Marcoh goes missing
In the winter, Ed and Al finish their training and return to Resembool (Chapter 23) Barry murders Lenny and Cynthia

Barry murders Reynolds

End of the Ishval Civil War

1910 Ed and Al attempt to perform the Human Transmutation and fail (Chapter 23) Barry murders Hendrick
Ed has two limbs replaced by automail(Chapter 24) Mustang meets and recruits Ed (Chapter 24)
1911 In October, Ed becomes a State Alchemist (Chapter 24) Barry murders Gadrielle
On October 3, the Elrics burn down their house in Resembool (Chapter 24) Elicia Hughes is born
In May, a second skirmish happens near Fotset
Many soldiers die during the still ongoing war against Creta
Around 1912-13

The religion of Leto starts to get popular at Reole

1912 The Slicer Brothers are sentenced to death
Shou Tucker becomes a State Alchemist after creating a talking Chimera
1913 The battle between the

Fullmetal Alchemist and Flame Alchemist takes place at the Central Command (Bonus Chapter: The Military Festival)

Spring of 1914 Ed and Al uncover Father Cornello's scheme at Reole (Chapter 1 )
Scar begins his attacks against State Alchemists (Chapter 5)
Summer of 1914 Ed and Al get attacked by Scar (Chapter 6) Scar kills Shou and Nina Tucker (Chapter 5)
Ed returns to Resembool to fix his automail arm and meets Dr. Marcoh on the way (Chapter 8) A bloody and violent battle occurs in Reole
Ed and Al discover the truth about the Philosopher Stone (Chapter 10) The 5th Laboratory implodes (Chapter 13)
Edward gets hospitalized after 5th Lab Incident (Chapter 13) Maes Hughes is murdered by the Homunculus Envy (Chapter 15)
Autumn of 1914 Ed and Al travel to Dublith to see Izumi (Chapter 14) Wrath finds and fights Greed (Chapter 29 )
Al is captured by Greed (Chapter 26)

Greed is reabsorbed by Father (Chapter 31)

Spring of 1915 The battle between the homunculi (Chapter 85) /Ed and Al regain their bodies (Chapter 107) The Battle Between the Amestrian Military and Co. against the Homunculi (Chapter 85)

Edward Elric and Winry Rockbell Marry (Offical GuideBook)