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Did Dante identify the underground city as Xerxes in the first anime? I don't remember anything that conclusive been ever stated or implied. CorbeauKarasu 16:12, September 17, 2009 (UTC)

Dante says to Ed (from Episode 49: The Other Side of the Gate) "Don't forget the fabled lost Civilzation to the East, it was the same, but I'm not the one who made it happen." and Ed replies "No it was Hohenhiem of Light." THEROY: This also explains why Ed and Hohenheim have Blond hair and Gold eyes in the 2003 series: Hohenheim jumped to a body of someone from Xerxes and then met Trisha and had Ed and Al. Skitzy 20:40, June 23, 2010 (UTC)

a user posited this:

"Another likely reason why Xerxes was "mistranslated" in the Viz media translations of the manga was to steer away from Christian ties to that of the bible, as Xerxes is also the name of the Emperor of an ancient biblical civilization that existed in Persia at 485 BC. Christian references in the manga could cause problems for both Viz media and the manga as a whole amongst follows of the Christian religion, and so the manga chose a different pronunciation and similar, if outlandish spelling of Xerxes, turning it into Cselkcess. The same situation arose in volume 8, when Greed was chained to a slab of rock in the Viz media translation, when in actual fact, Greed was originally chained to a crucifix. Since this was an obvious and probably insulting reference to Jesus Christ amongst the Christians, the editors attached to Viz, with Hiromu Arakawa's permission beforehand changed the crucifix into a slab."

While I find that interesting, i wonder about that. Despite the changes to volume 8, i don't think they would have delved that deeply into it. FMA contains a number of biblical references that aren't censored out. CorbeauKarasu 00:28, September 27, 2010 (UTC)


Hohenheim once said to Father that he has 536,329 souls from Xerxes in his body, and he's spoken to each one of them. Assuming that he and Homunculus/Father had taken the same number of souls, it could easily be argued that Xerxes had a population of 1,072,659, which is 536,329 x 2 + 1, that last addition for Hohenheim himself. Agreed? -- Dudewaldo4 You know you want to talk to me 02:17, January 13, 2011 (UTC)

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