Storch is an Amestrian State Military Officer stationed in Central City and the personal secretary of the Führer, King Bradley, until Lt. Riza Hawkeye is given the position so as to allow Bradley to keep an eye on her and the other members of Colonel Mustang's team. He arrives outside Central Command to deliver Hawkeye's new orders personally and is accompanied by Yakovlev from Internal Affairs. However, his first appearance was in Edward Elric's practical exam when Edward tries to scare the country's leader through his spear. Storch and some more soldiers berate the young alchemist for that arrogant act and intend to disqualify him in that particular moment. The lieutenant colonel reappears again in Southern Command accompanied with the Führer and Alex Louis Armstrong in Edward's presence who pretends to submit his annual assessment report.

In Chapter 98, Storch is leading a platoon of Central troops to the gates of Central Command in order to provide backup to Führer King Bradley in his solo battle against Briggs troops and the Homunculus Greed. However, as Storch orders the soldiers into the compound and attempts to establish contact with any loyal remnants within the fortress, his platoon is incapacitated and he is knocked unconscious by a blow to the back of the head from Fu. In Chapter 108, Storch appears once again, having been detained for questioning about the supposed coup d'état. As the former aide to the Führer, Storch is offered a deal by Mustang's subordinates to ensure that his public testimony paints the Colonel and Major General Armstrong in a positive light.

In the 2009 anime, his role in the final battle is Instead played by an officer named Gamelan and his place in Mustang's deal is cut entirely.