Seraphy Royce is a character that appears in the Game Boy Advance Game Fullmetal Alchemist: Stray Rondo.


While once a kind and caring individual who lived by the Alchemist credo of "Be Thou For The People", due to using his abilities at the cost of his memory, Seraphy's persona took a severe turn over the years, becoming both aggressive and desperate.



During his time as a State Alchemist, Seraphy was known for his ability in medical Alchemy, a trait his sister would later duplicate. Shortly before his disappearance however, it was noted he was about to lose his State Certification.


Under the alias Lincor, Seraphy has shown great ability with bioalchemy, in particular creating multiple Chimera for combat including producing one so-called Ultimate Chimera. He would later prove his prowess in this field by successfully merging his own body with an inanimate castle, transforming himself into a Chimera of sorts.

It was shown, that rather than a catalyst such as a Philosopher's Stone, Seraphy fuelled his Alchemic abilities by sacrificing his memories, accounting for his radical shift in personality over the years.


Seraphy was a State Alchemist some time during the Ishval Civil War, during which he was presumed dead.

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