Resembool is a rural town in the southeastern region of Amestris on the banks of the Rain River. Though small and relatively isolated, Resembool is well known in the region as a sheep-farming town and chiefly exports wool to be used in the manufacture of military uniforms. As such, the town had begun to grow in size due to its various successes, but in 1907, during the Ishval Civil War, Ishvalan terrorists attacked Resembool with explosives due to its military connections and reportedly destroyed everything for several blocks surrounding the train station.

The station was rebuilt and Resembool was able to get back on its feet, but its growth was stunted by the attack and has since remained a small town. Each year, Resembool holds a large Sheep Festival to celebrate the start of Spring.

Resembool is notable in the Fullmetal Alchemist story for being the hometown of the Elrics (Trisha, Edward and Alphonse) and the Rockbells (Pinako, Yuriy, Sarah and Winry).

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