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Second Lieutenant Rebecca Catalina (レベッカカタリナ, Rebekka Katarina) is a soldier under the command of Lieutenant General Grumman at the East City Headquarters and a close friend of Riza Hawkeye. Though appearing in Bonus Chapter: Simple People and mentioned in Chapter 74 as part of Lt. Hawkeye's coded message to Roy Mustang, Rebecca's first real appearance comes in Chapter 83 when General Grumman sends her on a secret mission to Central City to relay information regarding the joint front between Eastern and Northern forces and The Promised Day to Mustang. She does this through Hawkeye, surreptitiously slipping a message into Black Hayate's collar as the two converse.

She reappears in Chapter 89 alongside Maria Ross to serve as reinforcements for Mustang's rebel platoon under the orders of Jean Havoc, who sends her with a disguised armored truck loaded with sophisticated weaponry.

Though an exceptionally skilled soldier with combat abilities on par with Hawkeye and Havoc, Rebecca's true ambitions appear to lie within the marital realm, as she spends much of her time complaining about her single life and trying to get Riza to help her find a man. She declares, after Hawkeye mocks her, that she hopes to "land a real hunk and retire early" from the military. When she appears in Central during Mustang's coup, even while loading a grenade launcher, she complains that she came to find a man and "all Central's got are cowards".

She is later seen to have fallen victim to the Nationwide Transmutation Circle's activation, but is revived thanks to Van Hohenheim's countermeasure. After the final fight she comes to visit Riza in a hospital, telling her about the outcome of the rebellion and media coverage of events.

Rebecca with Breda and Havoc.

In the final episode of the anime, she is seen in a photograph with Breda and Havoc dressed similar to Chris Mustang.


  • Like all other members of the Amestrian State Military, 2nd Lt. Catalina appears to have been named for a military vehicle - in this case, the Consolidated PBY Catalina, a WWII American multi-purpose seaplane.
  • Though Rebecca is not a major character in the series, it can be noted that she is never pictured in uniform or with her hair down.