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Philip Gargantos Armstrong is the former patriarch of the illustrious Armstrong family and the father of Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong and Major Alex Louis Armstrong as well as civilian daughters Amue, Strongine and Catherine Elle.


He is a tall man, though nowhere near as tall and or musclebound as his son Alex Louis. He has blonde hair slicked back, a full beard, mustache, and a curl of hair over his forehead. He also has blue eyes and long eyelashes like Alex. Like his son Alex, he tends to have sparkles hovering in the air around him.


Although a bit of a windbag, Philip Armstrong enjoys telling stories of his family's grandeur and his own eventful military career to anyone unfortunate enough to be his captive audience. It would seem that Philip is the one who passed on the habit of speaking about past generations of the Armstrong family down to Alex.

Being a former General, Philip seems (for all his hot air) a rather insightful man, inferring immediately from Olivier's demands for the Armstrong estate that Amestris would not be a safe place to stay and taking his wife and daughter Catherine off to Xing on an "extended vacation".


  • In both anime, the Japanese, French and English versions, Philip Armstrong is voiced by the same actor who also voices his son Alex.