Mugear (also spelled Mugwar in the 2003 anime subtitles) is a character who is exclusive to the 2003 anime. He is a greedy landowner and scientist living in the city of Xenotime. In order to make a profit by returning the hailed "City of Gold" to its former glory, Mugear enlisted the aid of the alchemist Nash Tringham in perfecting the creation of Red Stone, a highly concentrated alchemical augmenter with abilities mimicking those of the Philosopher's Stone. When Tringham's own methods for creating the Red Stones failed, Mugear put into action his own plan involving introducing Red Water, the primary ingredient of Red Stones, into Xenotime's water supply so that pregnant mothers would drink it and the forming fetuses would act as catalysts for the highly toxic Red Water to solidify. After Tringham refused to contribute to such an atrocity, Mugear murdered him and sought out the help of other alchemists, only to have Russell and Fletcher Tringham appear at his mansion disguising themselves as Edward and Alphonse Elric, with Mugear only pretending to fall for their deception as he was working with Lust, who told him about the Elrics, along with the fact that he wasn't naive that they were actually Nash Tringham's sons. The real Fullmetal Alchemist arrives in Xenotime shortly afterward and thwarts Mugear's plan. As Mugear flees to the underground Red Water reservoir, the tunnel collapses, killing him.


  • His name is possibly derived from Mugearite, a type of oligoclase-bearing basalt, comprising olivine, apatite, and opaque oxides.