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I want to die...

—Mrs. Tucker's only words as a chimera.

Mrs. Tucker is the wife of the Sewing-Life Alchemist Shou Tucker and mother of their daughter Nina, whom she lived with in relatively modest conditions.

For unknown reasons, tensions rose between her and her alchemist husband, causing them to argue frequently after only a few years of marriage. It is reported that she became fed up with her married life and abandoned her family for a life of greater comfort and freedom. However, the reality of the situation is far more tragic. Driven to desperation by his recent alchemical failures, Shou snapped and used his wife as a test subject in his chimeric experimentation, fusing her physical body with that of an unknown creature (probably one from his laboratory) and turning her into a chimera.

Mrs. Tucker as a Chimera.

Shrouding his methods in secrecy, Shou paraded his abomination as the first chimera intelligent enough to perform human speech despite the fact that human experimentation was illegal. For his discovery, Tucker was awarded his State Alchemist certification. However, for proof that his creature could speak, it is reported that it only said one thing: "I want to die." Mortified by her husband's actions and constantly fraught with the physical pain of having been alchemically mutated, the chimera refused food and died of its own accord shortly afterward. Nina was destined not to learn the truth about her mother's disappearance until she too was turned into a chimera and a horrified Edward Elric angrily pointed out the truth right in front of her while beating her father.


  • The series' creator, Hiromu Arakawa, released a special manga chapter to mark the live-action film debut in Japan in December 2017. The special chapter turned out to be a prequel gaiden to the main story and it introduced Mrs. Tucker's appearance for the first time in manga.