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Mrs. Armstrong is the current matriarch of the illustrious Armstrong family and the mother of Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong and Major Alex Louis Armstrong as well as civilian daughters Amue, Strongine and Catherine Elle.


Mrs. Armstrong is a tall, thin woman with a severe expression. She has blonde hair worn in a large bun on the back of her head, with one long Armstrong curl from her widow's peak, and one smaller curl in front of each of her ears.

She initially wears a turquoise vest over a long sleeve, light blue dress and a dark pink shawl with a light pink bow. When going out she puts on a long burgundy coat and purple shawl, each lined with white fur.

Part in the Story

The Second Lieutenant Goes to Battle

The Promised Day

When King Bradley calls Olivier to Central Command, and Olivier tells them to leave the country, Mrs. Armstrong gathers money from a safe in the wall and converses with Catherine and her husband about where they should go and souvenirs they should bring back.


Romi Park, her Japanese voice actress, also voices titular Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric in the 2003 anime, Brotherhood, the anime films and the video games.