Logue Lowe is the Grand Cleric, the spiritual leader of the Ishval religion and the man considered to be a prophet of Ishvala.


Near the start of the Ishval Massacre, Lowe goes into hiding in the wilderness of Ishval so as to protect the structure of the faith. However, after eight years as the war reached new heights of carnage, Lowe reemerges in the hopes that handing himself over to the Führer will stop the fighting.

He approaches Captain Maes Hughes, who escorts him to Brigadier General Fessler, hoping that a meeting with the Führer will truly end the civil war, but Fessler refuses to listen to their plea. Colonel Basque Grand then assassinates Fessler and takes command, allowing Lowe to be brought before King Bradley and makes his claim. Bradley refuses the deal, stating that Lowe is far too arrogant in believing that his life is equal to tens of thousands of Ishvalan lives and that one can be exchanged for the other. He commands the soldiers to return to their posts and orders that Lowe and his comrades be killed.

Lowe tells Bradley that "God's wrath will smite you for your wickedness" a prophecy that ironically comes to pass when he is blinded by the sun (symbol of god) and subsequently killed by Scar, the self-styled "wrath of God".

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