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Kiri is a young girl living in the Nameless Village where Dr. Tim Marcoh hides out under the alias "Dr. Mauro" after the Ishval Civil War. Presumably one of the townspeople cured by his use of the Philosopher's Stone, Kiri is quite fond of "Mauro" and chooses to show her appreciation one afternoon by bringing him flowers for his clinic. Unfortunately, Kiri happens to walk in at the very moment that the Homunculus Lust is pressuring Marcoh to reveal the location of his hidden notes. While Marcoh refuses to acquiesce even at the cost of his own life, Kiri's interference makes her a sudden hostage. With two of Lust's bladed fingers around the little girl's throat and threatening to lop off her head, Marcoh concedes and reveals his secret to Lust. Kiri is spared and Marcoh consoles her as his enemy departs.


  • Kiri's admittedly small role is entirely omitted from both anime series, with a hotel maid serving as the Homunculi's hostage in the 2003 series and most of Lust's negotiation scene left out of the 2009 series.
  • In the official English translation of the manga, Kiri is mistakenly seen calling out "Doctor Marcoh", when in actuality, none of the people in town had known his real surname. In the original Japanese, she merely called him "Doctor".