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Master Sergeant Kain Fuery is an Amestrian soldier originally stationed at the East Area Headquarters in East City and one of Colonel Roy Mustang's most trusted subordinates, hand-picked by the Colonel for his abilities and qualities.


Sergeant Fuery is an expert with communications and surveillance equipment and states that his childhood hobby of tinkering with radio technology grew into a career when he joined the Amestrian military, as his superiors recognized his talents. Throughout the series, it is apparent that most of Fuery's usual duties involve fixing radio and telephone equipment and laying communication cable.


Kain is a very kind individual as well, nearly always wearing a smile on his bespectacled face. This is earliest displayed when Fuery found a small puppy out in the rain and went out of his way to make sure it found a good home instead of leaving it where he found it. Mustang specifies that he chose Fuery to serve under him because of the way the young soldier took care of his own subordinates. Kain is often a cheerful and optimistic source of support for the other members of Mustang's unit as well as the Elric Brothers and, despite his timid appearance and limited combat experience, is hardly a novice soldier.


  • Mustang names all of his subordinates after chess pieces; Fuery's is the "Pawn". The Pawn is the weakest piece in chess with very little battle ability that attacks diagonally forward 1 space, but has the ability to promote to a more powerful piece, appropriate considering Fuery's obvious low-combat ability but highly important support role (especially in intelligence) in Mustang's squad.
  • Fuery's 2003 seiyuu Tetsu Shiratori plays Gluttony in the 2009 anime.
  • Fuery's name could be based on the Fury bi-plane, used during the inter-war period between WWI and WII by the British.

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