Second Lieutenant Henschel is an Amestrian State Military Officer stationed at Fort Briggs, and one of Major General Olivier Mira Armstrong's loyal subordinates. After the inadvertent attack on Briggs by the Homunculus Sloth, Henschel opposes the sealing of the tunnel's opening proposed by Lt. General Raven because he fears for the soldiers who had been sent in to examine the channel. Though the Major General initially appears to ignore Henschel's protests, she reveals to him in secret that Edward Elric had alchemically created a second entrance behind Raven's back. Along with Captain Buccaneer and a few others, 2nd Lt. Henschel enters the tunnel and is overjoyed to find a pair of survivors despite the apparent carnage caused by the Homunculus Pride. After Major General Armstrong is transferred to Central Command, Henschel discusses the coming change of regime with Buccaneer and the two agree that Central's impending flunkies have no idea what to expect from Briggs' soldiers.

When an armada of Briggs soldiers are smuggled into Central City through the Armstrong Family mansion, 2nd Lt. Henschel is among them and participates valiantly in the coup d'état on The Promised Day. In Chapter 107, Henschel commands the remaining forces prior to Major Alex Louis Armstrong can take control, ordering all soldiers to open fire on Father in his new form and rescuing Edward and Izumi Curtis from certain death.