Harris is one of the soldiers that were dispatched to arrest Edward Elric and his accomplices Darius and Heinkel after North City HQ receives a tip on the fugitive group's whereabouts.

Young Officer Harris is unable to recognize his target, who is not wearing his trademark red coat or identifying braid when they come into contact. Furthermore, Harris makes the mistake of describing his quarry as "short" in front of the "mysterious stranger" and is promptly knocked unconscious in one of Edward's infamous tantrums.

Harris may be the last person to receive a beatdown as a result of Ed being described as "short", for while Pride tries to make Ed react by a similar ploy during their fight beneath Central City, Ed quells his traditional response during that face-off.  However, Ed does grow noticeably after this point, so the only people who still called him "short" did so either out of affection or to annoy Ed due to his past. Edward may get angry, but doesn't use physical violence from that point.