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Lieutenant General Gardner was one of the most powerful men in the Amestrian State Military and a high-profile member of Central Command. Privy to the secret plan being orchestrated by Father and the Homunculi, General Gardner has no qualms about sacrificing the citizens of his country to attain immortality with his co-conspirators. After Major General Armstrong is transferred to Central Command, it is General Gardner who reveals to her that the military has a host of Homunculus soldier-dolls in storage deep beneath headquarters ready to strike out at and be reproduced from enemies of the state. When The Promised Day arrives and Briggs' soldiers begin their offensive in Central City, Gardner attempts to corral General Armstrong's actions, but is shot in the head by her and killed instantly.


  • Gardner's appearance is similar to Bartley from Arakawa's earlier work, Stray Dog.
  • Both his hair color and hairstyle are also very similar to Vato Falman.