Flameout was a Fullmetal Alchemist flash game formerly hosted on the [adult swim] website. The player would take the role of Roy Mustang who must fight alone against an army of chimeras.


The game was played in top-down perspective, allowing the player to view the entire battlefield and see enemies coming from every direction. Clicking anywhere on the battlefield caused Mustang to shoot a stream of fire in that direction, killing any chimeras that it touches. However, if a single chimera touched Mustang even once, he would die and the game would end.

One thousand points were awarded for each chimera killed, and extra points were awarded for "Combo Shots" in which multiple chimeras are killed at the same time. Roy Mustang also stood in the middle of a transmutation circle which, when all six of the points along the outer edge were hit with fire, set off a "Hydrogen Blast" which killed all of the chimeras in the screen. This could only be done once per round.

The first round contained 36 chimeras, but this number increased with each successive round, as did the speed of the enemies. Each time a round was won, the game totaled the player's kills, survival time, accuracy, combo shots, and score for that round. When the player inevitably lost, the total values for the whole game were shown, as well as the number of hydrogen blasts used, and the player was given a rank (such as "Chimera Fodder" or "Combatant").

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