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The shoulder insignia of the Führer-President

The Führer-President (大総統 Daisōtō) is the chief executive of Amestris, acting as both head of state and head of government as well as commander-in-chief of the State Military. The Führer is normally seen in his military uniform, with the insignia of the office comprising four stars on a gold plate, and the Führer's rank is higher than that of a full-fledged general, most likely equivalent to a five star rank like Generalissimo or General of the Army.

Notable Führer-Presidents


  • In the 2003 anime, instead of having a successor appointed for Bradley at the end of the series, the office of Führer was instead retired, and the National Assembly took control of Amestris.
  • The title "Führer" is the term adopted in Germany to indicate a special position known as Generalissimo, in which the person entitled accumulates the functions of head of state and government as well as supreme command of the military.
    • Although Adolf Hitler is the most well-known head of state to have held such a title, there have been others that have been called "Führer" before him, as well as many other world leaders who have held the position of Generalissimo, such as Francisco Franco of Spain and Josip Tito of Yugoslavia.
  • Although the 2003 series makes strict relations between FMA and the real world's Germany and it's terms (and the English official translation having adopted the term Führer in most official media), the original Japanese term "Daisouto" is more accurately translated as "Generalissimo", which does not indicate any relations between the title of the head of state of Amestris to any specific real world leader.
  • The term President refers to the position of the leader of a republican state.
    • In a presidential republic, the president acts as both head of state and head of government.
    • In a parliamentary republic, the president holds only the title of head of state, with the position of head of government being held by the prime minister.