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Order #3066, known in the manga as Presidential Decree #306, was a military decree that was announced in 1908 by the Amestrian head of state, Führer King Bradley, in which any Ishvalan soldiers would be stripped of their conscription in the State Military and imprisoned as traitors while State Alchemists with combat suited abilities would be sent into the front lines of the Ishval Civil War to act as human weapons in a campaign to exterminate the people of Ishval. This decision resulted in the war coming to a relatively swift close after seven years of constant battle.


  • The exact order number of 3066 may be a reference to Executive Order 9066, which in 1942 led to the internment of Japanese American citizens in the United States, following the attack on the United States naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii by the Empire of Japan.
  • The order may also be a reference to the Star Wars universe's Order 66, which was the order for the eradication of all Jedi (which is likely itself also a reference to Executive Order 9066).