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A disheartened Ed resigns from his position as State Alchemist just as Winry arrives into town to visit. Winry however, may end up as the next victim of the city's serial killer.

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Starting from where the previous episode left off, it is raining and Ed is still mourning for Nina with Al and the State Military observing his anguish at the horrific consequences of Tucker’s alchemic research. Lt. Colonel Mustang tells Ed that hopeless causes like this is to be expected for him to face on his and Al's chosen path and encourages Ed to move on with his life. Major Hughes arrives with his team to examine the crime scene. The next day, much to his chagrin, Ed is assigned to organize and analyze Tucker's research as the military had executed him to cover up his crimes. A furious Ed goes straight to Mustang, demanding that he be involved in bringing in the serial killer that has been killing women, believing that he had killed Nina. Mustang accepts but tells Ed to resign from his post as a State Alchemist. While wandering the streets, Ed encounters the same scarred man he saw at the library; the scarred man surmises that Ed must be a State Alchemist for being able to enter the library. Ed responds he gave up his position and as the man walks away, he states to himself he believes Ed is better off so he doesn't have to kill him. Meanwhile, Winry arrives in Central to pay a surprise visit to the Elrics. Hughes meets with Ed in the mess hall at Central Command to talk about the serial killer. Hughes mentions that with all their resources, they haven't been able to confirm anything even with inspecting cars that could hide bodies, but Ed believes a larger car might be a perfect blind-spot.

However, a girl delivering meat from a butcher shop learns from one of the cooks of Ed's ability to transmute without a circle. When informed that he has a visitor, Ed goes outside but Winry saw the refrigerated truck from the butcher shop and is tricked by the girl into entering it. Figuring out that his visitor is Winry from a small screw he saw on the street which fits perfectly in his automail arm, Ed realizes that a refrigerated truck is a perfect blindspot to hide a body and follows the watery trail left by the truck. Ed arrives at the butcher shop and finds Winry, but he gets knocked out by the delivery girl. When Ed wakes up, he learns the delivery girl is a man in disguise, who introduces himself as Barry the Chopper. He has removed Ed's automail arm to avoid taking any risks since he is now aware of Ed's transmutation abilities. While Barry is talking about his joy of killing, Ed uses the screw he found earlier to carve a transmutation circle on the chain holding him to break free. Barry still has the upper hand and attempts to kill Ed with his meat cleaver, even after Ed reattaches his automail arm. Just as Barry is knocked over by the pig meat that Winry inadvertently bumped into, Ed knocks Barry's meat cleaver away and almost kills him out of fear and self-defense, but luckily, Al arrives to stop Ed. Ed breaks down tearfully as Al comforts him, while the authorities take Barry into custody.

Once Ed and Winry are safe, the Elrics sit down and talk; Al states that Hughes figured out that the trucks from Barry's shop had bypassed every inspection point and was able to get the military to locate Barry's location in time. Ed confesses to Al that he feared for his life and had no hope of being rescued, finally lamenting his failure to save Nina, his words reducing him and Winry to tears as Al reminds him of their mission to get their bodies back. When he has calmed down, Ed meets with Mustang, who allows him to search for the Philosopher's Stone when not on an assignment and promises to keep the details of his and Al's human transmutation a secret as Ed receives his Fullmetal Alchemist title. While walking through Central with Winry, Ed confirms to Al that Barry did not kill Nina since the circumstances of her death did not match his profile and he had an alibi that night. This leaves Al to wonder who did kill her as the Elrics and Winry continue on their way, unaware that the scarred man is observing them and sees Ed's State Alchemist pocket watch.


  • A mistake at the beginning of the episode in the English dub had Al identify Roy Mustang as a Major when he is actually a Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Barry says that during the war in Ishval, he "saw a State Alchemist just like [Ed] kill other people with ease. [makes explosion gesture with free hand] Splat! Just like that." He's most likely referring to Solf J. Kimblee, another sociopathic soldier who "indiscriminately made women and children go BOOM!" with his alchemy.
  • When giving Edward his new State Alchemist title, Mustang remarks that it's quite ironic. This is because:
    • 鋼 (はがね, hagane), which means "steel", is sometimes used to describe a stubborn person.
    • Alphonse, who has a body made entirely of steel, is also an Alchemist. This is also provides the basis for the running gag of people mistaking Al for the famous State Alchemist. The English dub is especially ironic considering the Full part of his Fullmetal title. (His title in Japanese just means "Steel Alchemist"/"Alchemist of Steel".)
  • A mistake at the end of the episode shows Scar seeing Edward walk down the sidewalk with his pocketwatch in his left pocket. He always keeps it in his right pocket.

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