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Mustang must make a difficult choice: will he break alchemy’s greatest taboo? Or will he watch the person dearest to him die? Meanwhile, it grows ever more difficult to discern where Ling ends and Greed begins.

Full Synopsis

Ed's group watch as he is transported away, and as they resume their fight against the zombie candidates, the Gold-Toothed Doctor explains to Mustang that he will eventually be transported to that place. Ed, as he is being dragged through the portal by the shadowy hands, recognizes the mysterious area he is passing through as being similar to The Gate of Truth. The people throughout Central can feel the tremors caused by the giant transmutation circle as it effects continue. As Greed continues his battle against Wrath (King Bradley), Lan Fan remains sitting by her grandfather's body. Even without his Ultimate Eye, Wrath still has the upper hand, and a massive blow he uses sends them both over the ledge with Greed holding onto it while Wrath holds onto Greed's other arm. Just as the brick he is holding onto is giving way, Lan Fan arrives and grabs onto Greed's arm. While Lan Fan wishes to help Ling, seeing the section of her body above her automail arm is bleeding, Greed points out both his and Wrath's weight is too much for Lan Fan's automail arm to handle and she should instead help Fu. Lan Fan tearfully responds by stating that it is too late, her grandfather has already passed away. Asking for help, one of the nearby Briggs soldiers fires on Bradley, and though one of Wrath's knives injures his shoulder, Wrath receives a gunshot wound in his own shoulder, causing him to let go and fall into the moat below him.

Having reverted back, Ling goes to Fu's corpse and asks for a doctor skilled in alchemy to save Fu since he has Greed's Philosopher's Stone, but everyone around him has to ignore him and not respond to Ling's cries for help. Though he is shot in the head from a nearby Central soldier, Ling regenerates from Greed's power. Ling is upset that though he has obtained immortality he cannot save the life of his subject/friend. Captain Buccaneer then wakes up and just as Falman and the Briggs soldiers resume their efforts in keeping the Central soldiers from coming into the courtyard, Ling thanks the dying Buccaneer for helping make sure that Bradley/Wrath received a mortal blow, and for making sure that Fu's last sacrifice was not in vain, but feels sad since he cannot save his life too. As the machine guns the Briggs soldiers are using run out of ammo to which they now have to fight with their rifles, Buccaneer makes his final request to Ling Yao to help defend the main gate and keep it from opening until their queen can report it is safe to open since only he can do it successfully. Ling convinces Greed to give him some of his power, and leaves it to Lan Fan to guard the soldiers here while he deals with Central's troops promising Buccaneer that he'll fulfill that promise as he goes through a partial transformation with Greed's Ultimate Shield ability.

As he goes down by elevator, Ling gives a warning to the soldiers who don't wish to die before launching his attack, which in the process damages the elevator causing a massive explosion that is seen outside. A fully transformed Ling then fights the troops outside the main gate, and destroys a military truck that tried to run him over. Watching from the main gate, Falman questions which of the two is presently in control, while a Briggs soldier is happy that Ling/Greed is on their side. Glad to hear those words, Buccaneer is happy he can die in peace. Despite the Briggs soldier's objections, Buccaneer is happy to be going away from the sooty air of Central to a place higher than the summit of Fort Briggs, passing away while doing a military salute to which Falman salutes back. Around Central, the people are wondering what is happening at Central Command, while at their home, Gracia and Elicia Hughes prepare for the upcoming eclipse. At the underground stairway, Sig wonders where his wife is, while Olivier learns from Alex that the disappearance of Izumi has to do with opening the Gate of Truth from Human Transmuation that the Elric brothers told him about, because it pulled them there with those mysterious black hands.

After one of their soldiers receive a report, Olivier wants to know what it is about. The soldier reveals that while Izumi's location has not been confirmed, Captain Buccaneer and several of his men have been killed while assisting the people from Xing against Bradley/Wrath, and were able to land a mortal injury on him. A captive General Edison is surprised by this and is in disbelief of what happened to Bradley, causing Olivier to smack him. The soldier finishes his report that the main gate is still being defended and that Greed has come over to their side by aiding their efforts. Edison is still in disbelief since no Homunculus would turn against "The Good Gentleman." After clenching her fist in anger for learning Buccaneer died with a smile on his face, Olivier points out they have to press on, convincing Sig they'll find his wife. Ed and Izumi are transported in a mysterious room, wondering where they are before Al emerges. Just as Izumi realizes this has to do with the sacrifices, Father arrives with Hohenheim trapped in his body, admitting they are one sacrifice short, but suspects the last one is being prepared now. After Hohenheim and the group notice each other, Father explains he'll drain the Philosopher's Stone from Hohenheim's body later at his leisure. Not recognizing Father's new body, Ed asks Hohenheim who he is, and Hohenheim confirms it before being completely absorbed to avoid giving away too much information. Ready to fight, Ed finds that Al still won't not wake up.

Meanwhile the remainder of Ed's group fights while the Gold-Toothed Doctor watches. During the fight, Hawkeye's gun jams up getting her pinned down, Mustang's gloves are slashed before he can help her before being pinned himself, and Scar is held at swordpoint to keep him from moving. The doctor wants Mustang to perform Human Transmutation so the plan can proceed and suggests for one of his loved ones to be revived with it, including Maes Hughes. Mustang realizes that he is one of the sacrifices, which the doctor confirms but only if he opens The Gate. Mustang knows from the Elric brothers' information that reviving the dead will never work and once the doctor reveals all he has to do is open it and come back, Mustang makes it clear that he refuses to do it. Since they are out of time, the Gold-Toothed Doctor has one of the zombie soldiers mortally wound Hawkeye. He tells Mustang to hurry and perform the transmutation or Hawkeye will die, unless he wants to transmute Hawkeye after her death. Hawkeye encourages Mustang that she won't die as she is massively bleeding on the floor. The doctor taunts Mustang again and states with his Philosopher's Stone he can help save Hawkeye if Mustang does what he wants. Despite Hawkeye's wishes, after Mustang gives it some thought, he decides to do it.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 100: Holding the Gate and Chapter 101: The Fifth Human Sacrifice.
  • The scene of Greed and Wrath hanging off the side of the fortress is changed somewhat. When Wrath throws the broken piece of sword at the Briggs soldier trying to shoot him, it hits him in the leg in the manga, but stabs his arm in the anime.
  • Ling's outfit is changed ever so slightly from the manga. In the manga, he is wearing the sleeveless shirt underneath his trenchcoat from the start. However, here, the shirt underneath the coat was another two sleeved kind of shirt, which he rips into the sleeveless manga outfit. This was presumably done for dramatic effect.
  • Due to the previous episode including a scene in which Izumi fills Olivier in on the Gate, this episode has a slight continuity error. The conversation did not take place in the manga, so thus when Izumi disappears, Olivier asks "What is the Gate?" just as in the manga, apparently forgetting that Izumi already told her about it one episode prior. This mistake is present in both the original Japanese and English dub.
  • There is someone that looks like Dante in this episode. She is seen with an old man, presumably her husband, discussing the activities in Central.
  • Captain Buccaneer is given a silent titlecard.
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