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The battle for a nation’s soul descends into chaos. Bradley unleashes death on those who dare engage him. Beneath Central, the one responsible for the Führer’s creation unleashes something far, far worse.

Full Synopsis

Beneath Central Command, Lan Fan is navigating through the underground tunnel when she overhears some soldiers mention the Führer has returned and destroyed a Briggs Tank. Lan Fan realizes he is at the main gate. Fu, now knowing Wrath is King Bradley, readies his sword as he recognizes this man as the one responsible for the loss of Lan Fan's arm and nearly her death. At the Führer's office, General Armstrong and Izumi confront Brigadier General Edison and force him to confirm they were going to sacrifice the general population of Amestris and unite all the lands. Major Armstrong asks if Bradley knew of this, and Edison reveals he was created to be a part of this right to the very end. Seeing the soldiers from Central hesitate, Edison says that it is to create a world without war, the population will become a part of the Philosopher's Stone, and eventually Amestris will unite the whole world. However, an enraged Izumi smacks him with her sandal and asks the confused soldiers what they will do now that they know the truth. She knocks Edison down again when he makes another excuse.

The soldiers find it hard to believe due to their military duties, but Olivier says that following a superior they have no faith in is not true loyalty, but self-deception. Izumi mentions that they should believe in themselves. After much thought, the soldiers remove their rank insignias from their uniforms and say that this is their answer. Olivier makes a call and learns that Central's troops have begun to reorganize and are likely near the Führer's office. Olivier asks her men at Communications to retreat if the situation gets too risky. Seeing the stairway leading downstairs as the only way out, Izumi states once they are through she'll make a tunnel with alchemy like before and use it to escape, asking if Oliver will join her so they can regroup. At the location of Ed's group, he and Scar are able to tell that they are close to their destination. Upon arriving, they encounter the Gold-Toothed Doctor who reveals to them he created King Bradley. Colonel Mustang, having heard the story before, knows the doctor is on the enemy's side. The doctor is surprised that Mustang is here and not at the radio tower, but admits it will save him the trouble.

The doctor summons some zombie soldiers, which at first are thought to be Mannequin Soldiers as these guys dodge the group's attacks, but Scar realizes they are not and the doctor states they are actually failed candidates for the role of the Führer. As he draws a transmutation circle on the floor, the doctor admits that due to their combat training, they are strong, though not as strong as Bradley himself. As Wrath in the meantime battles Greed/Ling and Fu at the main gate, 2nd Lt. Falman continues to use a machine gun in the hallway to keep the soldiers in the hallway from coming up the stairs. The wounded Captain Buccaneer wakes up and realizes if he removes Bradley's sword which he stabbed him with earlier into his stomach, he'll quickly bleed to death. Wrath stops Greed's attack from above and times it to throw him at Fu, so Fu can't attack. While the two argue, Wrath steps forward and kicks Greed's face down and quickly pushes one of his knives into the side of Ling's coat so Greed cannot move.

Wrath then focuses his efforts on Fu with his other knife, and all Fu can do is block until Bradley catches the hilt of his sword with the knife and forces them to switch weapons. Using the sword and knowing the knife was partly damaged earlier, he keeps striking at Fu until the knife breaks and Fu tries to dodge, but his bandanna is cut off and suddenly his forehead starts to bleed, blinding him. Wrath admits that Fu moves very quickly for an elderly man that is older than he is as he strikes Fu down knocking off his body armor and causing Fu to bleed through the chest. Ling takes control of his body and saves Fu before Wrath finishes him off. Recognizing what happened, Wrath criticizes Ling for once again risking his life to save someone. Fu states for Ling to leave him behind as he is too injured to carry on. Ling argues with him as it goes against his beliefs especially since Wrath intends to sacrifice his own people. As Fu begins to state what Ling must find, he spits up blood and realizing his chest wound is starting to bleed faster knows that he has had it and knocks down Ling, encouraging Greed to protect his master's body (which Greed does). Charging forward, Fu reveals his trump card, four Xingese bombs to use in a suicide attack, but Wrath cuts off the fuses and causes Fu to bleed out quicker. As Fu regrets not being able to complete his final attack, Buccaneer, using Bradley's sword, rams it through Fu's body and hits Wrath through the chest, admitting that even Wrath's Ultimate Eye cannot perceive attacks unless if he sees it beforehand. Buccaneer then states that the two of them can take Bradley to hell with them together, which Fu is satisfied with as he passes away.

Just as Wrath kicks both Fu and Buccaneer away, Greed attacks, and destroys Fu's sword, and Wrath's Ultimate Eye in the process. Up on a tower, Lan Fan arrives and upon witnessing this, she cries out as she watches her grandfather die. In Central, Al's group watches smoke come out of Central Command and wondering if their friends are alright quickly head in that direction. Ed's group as they are fighting the zombie soldiers, are having difficulty taking them down and at one point Lt. Hawkeye saves Mustang from getting struck down as the doctor continues to work on his transmutation circle. In the stairwell, Izumi explains to Olivier about the The Gate, and admits after her insides were taken, Human Transmutation was impossible all along. Alex mentions that people who have seen the Gate are the sacrifices and likely is a clue to what the enemy is plotting. Izumi asks Olivier if there is someone she would like to see again, but Olivier states she has no interest in those who have died, and instead focuses on keeping people from dying. Olivier admits when she first met Ed, she dealt with having to guess what he was hiding, since he was only protecting his childhood friend and also had the look of someone who isn't part of the State Military due to protecting someone very important to him. She openly wonders if his naivete will be a help or hindrance to their cause.

By this time, the doctor's preparations are complete, and a zombie soldier stops Hawkeye's attempt to kill the doctor. Summoning some of the soldiers, the doctor activates the transmutation circle for it's first phase. Ed quickly realizes from the doctors' question that a five point transmutation circle is being activated by connecting to the same type of transmutation circles in the basement of each of the five laboratories and Hawkeye notes the curved passageways were meant to help with this connection. This creates a minor earthquake which around Central the animals and Heinkel the Chimera who is with Al's group can detect. Just as Izumi is ready to make her escape tunnel, Olivier declines her previous offer as she must stay to help with the fight. Alex and the soldiers admit they are ready to head down and face the heart of the enemy. Just as Izumi thanks Olivier, the transmutation circle has summoned the Gate, sacrificing the zombie soldiers the doctor had positioned around him, and the sacrifices - Ed, Al and Izumi - are transported to another location.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 98: Greed Without Limits and Chapter 99: Eternal Rest.
  • The Transmutation Circle that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the Five-Point Circle used by the Gold-Toothed Doctor.
  • This episode includes a new scene not present in the manga, in which Izumi and Olivier ponder what the Gate's true nature really is, and even Edward's motivations prior.
  • In the manga it was actually one of Buccaneer's subordinates that made the observation that Buccaneer would bleed to death from massive blood loss if he were to remove Bradley's sword from his stomach, instead of Buccaneer himself.
  • Fu is given a silent title card.
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