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With a Philosopher's Stone in his possession, Alphonse fearlessly engages Pride and Kimblee. Elsewhere, the Armstrongs find themselves trapped between Sloth’s onslaught and the guns of Central’s troops.

Full Synopsis

As Al tosses up the Philosopher's Stone he has in his hand, Pride and Kimblee realize he somehow got a hold of one. He creates another dust cloud and uses the smokescreen to attack Kimblee from behind. Although he creates a stone wall to block Kimblee's counterattack, Pride slices it up with his shadows and Al can only dodge his attacks and use his Philosopher's Stone to regenerate any damage to his armor. He gets the upper hand by transmuting the metallic foot he discarded earlier into a sword and block Pride's attack before transmuting it further to penetrate his defense to attack him. However, Kimblee gets in the way and although Al manages to trap the homunculus again, Pride breaks free, not wanting to fall for another trap like this again, only to find one of Fu's Xingese flash bombs near him. This is actually a decoy for Al to use another flash bomb he restored to destroy Pride's shadows and then trap him in another dome. Kimblee remarks the power of the stone and asks why he didn't use it to restore his body, since he could have easily escaped from them with it and use it to restore him and Ed back to their original bodies. When Al admits they couldn't save everyone, he realizes this was due to their commitment to Equivalent Exchange. Al then asks why there is always two choices, holding out his stone and asks if it were possible to do both. After mentioning it is possible for the opposite to happen, Kimblee reveals he has a Philosopher's Stone in his mouth, just as in Central Command, Major Armstrong's transmuted spikes seem to have no effect on Sloth.

Alex's second attack manages to wound Sloth in the head, allowing his sister, Major General Armstrong, to attack that area with her sword, which made her realize that underneath his skin is his weak spot. As Sloth is regenerating and complaining that everything is a bother, two soldiers arrive and order Olivier to surrender. Just as the two notice Sloth, he kills them at superhuman speed and grazes her injured arm. Being overwhelmed with that speed, the two quickly realize that despite his weight, Sloth is capable of moving too fast for them to see, to which he confirms that he is the fastest Homunculus. As Alex gets smacked in the face, Olivier realizes that he is too fast to control himself. She then trips on some stones, allowing the homunculus to ram her with his shoulder. Meanwhile the new dome to contain Pride is broken, and both he and Kimblee are aware that Alphonse is hiding nearby. He appears and creates a new dust cloud but Pride, with his new sense of smell, sneaks up and catches him with his shadows. However, as he is being bound and with Pride admitting that even with his stone, Al can't win alone. Al admits this is where they will prove how tenacious humans are and shows that he no longer has the stone. Pride quickly realizes these repeated dust clouds are intended to use the winds to help block his sense of smell, and just as Kimblee realizes it, a transformed Heinkel attacks him from behind, biting him in the neck. Wondering how he could move in that condition, Kimblee quickly sees Dr. Marcoh with a Philosopher's Stone, having used it to heal Heinkel earlier.

Back at Central, Colonel Mustang's group gets by unnoticed by using alchemy to change the ice cream symbol on the truck into a meat packager symbol. Recognizing that all the entrances to the Command Center are blocked off, he decides that instead of forcing their way through which will be left for the Briggs soldiers, he and Lt. Hawkeye will take the covert route, while 2nd Lt. Ross will take Mrs. Bradley to their secret destination. In the white room, Ed's group continues to fight the Mannequin Soldiers with their respective fighting styles, and after Scar suggests aiming for their legs, although hesitant at first, Ed summons his transmuted spear and continues his attack. Elsewhere, it is revealed that Alex stopped Sloth's earlier attack to save his older sister's life. Using all his strength to hold back Sloth, he performs an attack on the ground to send him to the floor below. Olivier then notices his injured left arm, to which he admits is actually dislocated, and then she admits that her own injured arm has some fractures. Sloth then attacks from below and sends them to the lower floor, and after catching his breath, Alex realizes that his sister is unconscious just as Sloth is ready to resume his attack. Meanwhile, Pride tries to stab Heinkel, but he holds the wounded Kimblee in front of him, causing his shadows to stop and withdraw. Al is surprised with his behavior, and Pride responds to his earlier comment that, even with human tenacity, they still cannot win against them, with his Father in Central and they still have to face him right here.

Pride then attempts to kill Marcoh, but Yoki arrives in a jeep, which deflects the attack and knocks him down, which also frees Al in the process. While dragging Al by holding his leg and with Kimblee's body in his other arm, Heinkel heads in their direction. Marcoh is surprised that Yoki is there, and Yoki cries, admitting that while he usually leaves the fighting to them, he just wanted to help just this once. Heinkel asks where the car came from, and Marcoh reveals it is the one that Kimblee rode in on and that he bound the soldiers in Kanama with alchemy before stealing it. Throwing Kimblee's body in Pride's direction, Heinkel quickly gets in and the car with the group narrowly escapes his counterattack and head off towards Central. Pride knows that it doesn't make a difference, and notices the badly injured Kimblee, who admits that he was a fool for being done in like that from Heinkel's earlier attack which crushed his windpipe. Acknowledging that he always wanted to see what the world would become like, and that he would refuse to die in a place like this, Pride uses his shadows to absorb his body so he could live inside him. At Central Command, Oliver wakes up and seeing the stunned looks on the nearby soldiers, she finds that Alex transmuted a giant spike that has penetrated Sloth's right arm and head to hold him back when he charged in. As the soldiers hold their guns to them, Alex states if Olivier dies, only he will inherit their mansion, to which she admits it will go to Mustang, angering him that she would do it without the family's consent. As they argue, Sloth regenerates and as the soldiers hear the gunfire from another room, the door opens and reveals the soldiers there are being attacked by the Mannequin soldiers and not Mustang's troops.

Wondering if this has to do with the Briggs troops, Olivier states not to compare them with her soldiers and states their superiors likely sent them. One soldier holds her at gunpoint in shock for not being aware of this, but she states the higher-ups don't care about informing them of this. As she points out that she and Alex can handle these monsters, Sloth's imprisoned hand falls off, allowing it to regenerate, and he begins to get up, break apart the spike that penetrated his head, allowing him to move again. Still held at gunpoint, she also asks if he will shoot her, which would result in their deaths at these monster's hands, or if she and Alex will help them to ensure their survival, demanding these soldiers need to make their own choices. Underground, May continues her fight against Envy, who is now able to use his new body to extend his hands for his attacks. More mannequin soldiers show up and although Envy believes that he has the advantage, since they can't die easily due to the Philosopher's Stones being infused in them and that he can absorb them to grow stronger, May points out the larger number of soldiers means that it's easier to run away, in which she uses to flee. As she runs, she realizes that the Philosopher's Stones that are keeping those soldiers alive is what she needs to complete her task to save her clan. At the white room, the Mannequin soldiers are still coming which is going to put Ed's group at a disadvantage, since both Zampano's quills and Jerso's saliva are running low. Just as Ed is pinned down and about to be attacked, Mustang destroys the wall that Ed made earlier, saving him in the process. Admitting that Ed always tends to cause a commotion wherever he ends up, Mustang offers his assistance.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 92: With Everyone's Strength and Chapter 93: Archenemy.
  • The Transmutation Circles that appear in the background of this episode's title card are those tattooed on Kimblee's palms.
  • This episode has a slight continuity error regarding Kimblee's suit. In the manga, his suit gets torn up, and stays that way until the end. However, in the anime, no such damage occurs; yet during the scene in which Heinkel ensnares Kimblee by the throat, his sleeve is torn in the same way as in the manga. By the next scene, however, his sleeves are perfect again.
  • Kimblee remarks that he doesn't understand why Alphonse didn't just take the Philosopher's Stone and run, saying it would be an easy thing to do so. This is ironic considering Kimblee himself spent roughly seven years in prison with that same stone in his possession. Not only could he have used it to escape with ease, but he could have avoided capture altogether.
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