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The confrontation with the leader of the homunculi sends Ed to a place that could shatter his entire understanding of alchemy: the other side of the Gate.

Full Synopsis

Führer Bradley arrives home to give his son Selim a birthday gift for his tenth birthday, which is a toy train. In another location, Envy reveals to Al that they are at his master's place and unlike his fellow homunculi brethren, Envy doesn't care about becoming human, which is why he isn't fooled by her false promise. Envy leaves the room, stating that the 7,000 soldiers killed in Reole and the Ishvalans killed in Ishval are within the Philosopher's Stone, causing Al to wish he had died when he had been given the chance several times earlier. Meanwhile, Ed meets with the Tringham brothers Russell and Fletcher in an abandoned church that has a secret entrance that was logged into their father's journal. Russell explains the story that when their father came to Central City years ago to learn how to refine the red water he wound up working at the Laboratory 5, until one day when a certain alchemist showed Nash the real secret lab to teach him how to perfectly refine red water into a Philosopher's Stone. Recognizing that Lab. 5 was a front, Ed transmutes and then heads off through the secret entrance alone, with the promise to Russell that he will not create the stone. Following the path, Ed discovers an ancient city hidden beneath Central and remembering what Russell told him from the journal, Ed realizes that when someone did create the Philosopher's Stone 400 years ago, the city was hidden underground to hide the knowledge of the human sacrifices. Ed realizes that his father was likely involved.

At their hideout, Dante makes it clear that Rosé will be her next host. However, the problems they are having is Gluttony is lonely without Lust and that Wrath desperately wants to use the stone to revive Sloth, which forces Envy to beat him up. Back at Central Command, Izumi is having difficulty battling Archer due to his automail armaments being too strong for her transmutations as his backup arrives. Izumi says that she hates the military because of Archer as she calls him a power hungry blood sucking filth. Archer offers her to join him and his men, stating the military will eventually take over the land, something that Izumi flatly refuses. Izumi can barely make another shield before her condition affects her. As Archer is ready to finish her off, 2nd Lt. Ross and Sargent Brosh arrive with their own backup to support Izumi. Ed arrives at Dante's headquarters and notices Rosé dancing. In Resembool, Sheska realizes and mentions to Winry that the actions of the homunculi have in fact been intended to keep reckless people from dangerously creating the Philosopher's Stone and using it for themselves, which is the origin of the rumors of how the stone was too dangerous to complete. After dancing with Rosé, Ed discovers that Lyra brought her there when she shows up with Rosé's baby.

Dante tries pretending to be Lyra again and to cover up the details on how she knew about this place. However, Ed is now aware that she's actually Dante, explaining the mistakes she made in her faked death: the transmutation circle which seals up a homunculus was found at her house, along with the bones from the human that Greed was modeled after, so he couldn't do anything. Furthermore, Ed is now aware the Philosopher's Stone can be used by one to transfer souls between each body, which allows them to live on for centuries, and is the main reason why Dante killed the real Lyra, whose soul was inside her old body. To prove his point, Ed summons a transmuted spear, which Dante quickly destroys, and verifies that she has seen The Gate, which allows her to transmute without a circle, something the real Lyra is incapable of. She confirms that the residents in the ancient city had been killed for the purpose to create the stone, though Hohenheim was the one to make the stone for her. She then reveals that her mission is to protect humanity from foolishly using the stone, which is why they spread the rumors about the stone and to also steal it if someone were to complete one. Dante also reveals that she will make love to Ed once she takes over Rosé's body. Gluttony then comes in looking for Lust. After Ed convinces him that Wrath killed Lust, Gluttony leaves, depressed, and Ed continues to attack Dante. Dodging her attack, he slices part of her dress with his automail sword, confirming that the mutilated skin on Lyra's body is a sign that Dante can't transfer her soul between bodies forever.

Dante reveals that Equivalent Exchange is a lie, stating that not everyone gets the same thing from what's been lost, and mentions that while numerous people apply to the State Alchemy exams, only few had passed. Using her transmuted stone snake to grab Rosé's baby by stating not everyone is equal, Dante continues to lecture Ed and he ignores her and saves the baby. However, a transmutation circle on the baby sends him to the other side of the gate in the parallel world. Ed wakes up and finds himself in another body and discovers his father. Once he confirms that it is the Ed from his world, Hohenheim tells him to run, as it is the day the zeppelins are dropping bombs in London during World War I.

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