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With his father’s help, Al takes incredible steps to contain the monstrous Pride. As the sun begins to rise on the Promised Day, the youngest Elric listens while the Homunculus ponders his very human mother.

Full Synopsis

As Hohenheim urges Al to wake up, Pride decides to capture Ed to use as a hostage to force Hohenheim to come out of hiding. As he continues his attack on Ed, Pride also focuses on using his shadows to keep Greed and Lan Fan at bay. Lan Fan learns Greed has taken control of Ling's body again and as Pride's shadows attack, Lan Fan cannot move due to her automail arm malfunctioning before she can help Greed and can only dodge. After the tree she landed on is cut down by Greed, Lan Fan is nearly killed by the larger shadow with teeth below her, but Ed knocks her away in time, saving her life. Ed points out that her new arm is obviously not in top condition yet, and it is better to take care of herself since they'll still need her help. Greed works on protecting Fu so he can get the wounded Heinkel to safety. He apologizes for not defeating Pride earlier, but Greed states it's okay since even he considers Pride to be a total monster. Elsewhere, Al wakes up and sees his father. After Al takes time to realize he was possessed by Pride, Hohenheim admits that the Homunculi are actually supposed to be clones of his clone which is also why they can genetically suppress Al's Blood Rune when in contact.

By the time Fu and Heinkel arrive, Fu asks that Hohenheim tends to Heinkel's wounds. After recognizing that Hohenheim is Ed's father, Fu states that Pride devoured Gluttony and while Ed and Greed are fighting him, the situation is not looking too good. As Al realizes this was his fault due to Pride possessing him, Fu brings up the subject that they need to use a new tactic since the fires have created too many light sources for Pride to use, and all his flash bombs have been used up. Darius also realizes that they need to end this quick before the citizens of Kanama get involved as well. Al decides to use his father's help for a plan he has. By this time, Ed and Greed have been knocked down and Pride has surrounded Lan Fan with his shadows so she cannot interfere. After talking it off with Greed, Pride decides to devour him as well, but is stopped by the newly arrived Hohenheim. Hohenheim admits he cannot defeat Pride and as Pride ponders what his strategy is as he retracts his shadows back to him, Al attacks from behind, only to be caught by Pride's shadows. Pride admits how feeble their strategy was and that Al made it easy for him to possess him again, and just as Hohenheim stops Ed from interfering, an overconfident Pride is stunned when Hohenheim states that he should not put his son down as he starts the next part of his plan.

Using a powerful transmutation, Hohenheim manipulates the nearby soil to pull itself up and create a giant dome where all light is cut off. As Greed leaves the scene, an angry Ed learns from Hohenheim that Al was the one who devised this strategy instead of him. Inside the dome Al reveals that he intended for the two of them to stay put, since having a hallow body he can survive without food or oxygen and that Pride cannot use his powers while trapped with him. Al also states that he intends to stay with him until The Promised Day is over. Outside Hohenheim reveals to Ed that due to the difficulty of defeating Pride, all he and Al could do was use Hohenheim as a decoy so they could trap Pride together with Al to prevent any damage to Kanama and that they also had to keep it a secret from Ed, as Ed would object to this plan. Hohenheim goes to put out the fires, while Ed communicates with Al. Al apologizes that although this had to happen since they just recently reunited after spending the last few months apart, he had to do this as the entire battle was his fault and they only have to put up with this plan for a while. Elsewhere Greed as he is running evaluates that with Lust, Gluttony, and Envy gone, Wrath who is at the training center, and Pride is trapped at this location, knows that only his father and Sloth are the only ones at Central at the moment, as he reveals to Ling his intent to conquer it and take over the country.

In Central a group of homeless men talk about the Ishvalan's movements when Scar, Dr. Marcoh, Yoki, Zampano, and Jerso show up. The group learns that May and Xiao-Mei haven't returned to Xing yet and have been spotted nearby. They also learn of the train incident involving the Führer, which Scar admits to them that neither they, nor his Ishvalan friends that are heading to Central had anything to do with. Elsewhere, a group of Ishvalans have been killed by Kimblee as he is ready to head out. At Al's location, he admits that Pride's attempt to dig through the wall won't work since Hohenheim is not so foolish for a child like Pride to break out. Al also admits they should never underestimate humans due to their potential and even their plan was sloppy from the start since the sacrifices could easily escape to another country. Pride admits that while there are humans who only think of themselves, there are ones like his adopted mother who genuinely cared about him and was surprised by this concern even though he doesn't have a real mother. Pride also admits other than kind people like Mrs. Bradley, there are also strong people like the sacrifice candidates as well which is why they would never abandon Amestris and instead fight the Homunculi to save it which is the main reason their plans aren't sloppy.

Elsewhere, Lt. Hawkeye comes to get Colonel Mustang who is visiting Hughes' grave. Scar's group arrive to where the Elrics' group is and while Darius gets into a heated argument with Zampano and Jerso under the accusation that he and Heinkel are still working for Kimblee, Ed is surprised that they are there and asks Marcoh they'll need to set up, just before the Chimera's fight enrages Ed. A short while later, Jerso and Zampano are sitting with Darius and the wounded Heinkel and confirm they are no longer working for Kimblee. It is obvious to the four of them that they were all expendable and Heinkel admits their new friends won't run out on them. Noticing Fu leaving, Darius walks up to Ed and asks where Fu is going. Ed admits that Fu is going to scout on ahead to Central alone since he is technically the only member in their group that the enemy is unaware of since he has not been seen yet. Ed also states this makes it easier to learn what is going on as well as monitoring the movement of Mustang's troops, since Fu would use the opportunity to also try to find Ling. Ed reveals to the Chimeras that his meeting with Scar is over and a plan has been set up. As Ed picks up his coat, Darius admits Al's bravery for being put in a giant dome since he would've been scared, which Ed agrees with that it was brave. Picking up his coat Ed points out their own mission has begun since The Promised Day has started.

At his house Sgt. Brosh is woken up by his younger siblings who want to watch the eclipse with him. When urging his younger brother not to use their telescope to look at the sun to avoid ruining his eyes, Denny is surprised to learn their is smoke coming from the city and quickly verifies it. Urging his siblings to stay inside, he goes out as Mustang's group is attacking Sector C-5 with Mrs. Bradley in their custody. At Central Command, Brig. General Klemin is informed of this by an officer. Klemin, however, gives the orders to kill everyone except Mustang himself, even if Mrs. Bradley has to die. Mustang's group is then surrounded in a building by several officers who state everyone except Mustang has been given authorization to be shot and killed as Mrs. Bradley is upset upon learning that she is now expendable. Several shots are then heard off screen.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 88: The Understanding Between Father and Son and Chapter 89: Soldiers' Return.
  • Peculiarly, Adult Swim did not air the post-ending segment of when Mustang and his group (including Mrs. Bradley) are surrounded by Central soldiers and presumably executed. Even though it's a continuous habit, they always made sure to include the segments that were vital to the story, but apparently neglected to realize that this cliffhanger is resolved right at the start of the following episode.
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