Al is in the hands of the homunculi, and Ed has precious little time to find him. Nearby, Mustang reveals his daring strategy, turning the Führer's attempt to silence him into a push for revolution.

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In Drachma, Lt. Colonel Armstrong makes it clear to Brig. General Mustang that the plan will confuse the soldiers with them and they won't follow orders. Armstrong then starts the plan by convincing the soldiers they are going to stage a revolt against the Führer. Back at the factory, Wrath barely escapes from Sloth's ethanol body while sustaining burns to the left side of his own body. Sloth thanks the Elrics before passing away completely and Wrath breaks down in tears over the loss of her. Winry appears and Ed realizes too late that it is Envy in disguise as he captures Al and states he will take him to his master's place. Wrath wants to use Al to resurrect Sloth, but Envy kicks him away and leaves with Al. Just as Wrath overpowers Ed to take revenge, Izumi appears, forcing Wrath to flee, stating he has nothing to do with her. After Ed mentions that Wrath cried for Sloth's death in his place, Izumi reveals she can be of assistance in saving Al which is why she came.

At a book store in Central City, the Tringham brothers are there looking at books, with Fletcher hoping to see the Elrics again. When the manager mentions that only State Alchemists can put their books on a tab and needing the money to afford a hotel room, Russell foolishly passes himself off as Edward again, unaware of the Elrics' new fugitive status. After the military police arrive, Russell tries to explain he was joking, only for him and Fletcher to be put into custody. Back at the factory, Ed and Izumi learn that Wrath killed Lust, and refer that only four Homunculi and their master are left. The two see Mr. Tucker as he plays with his Nina doll, thinking it is alive. Seeing that there is nothing to be done about it, Ed transmutes a gun to further restore his arm and leaves Tucker to himself. Ed and Izumi decide their next move is to go after Pride first since he is the only homunculus that they can easily locate.

In Drachma, Armstrong learns that there were fewer soldiers who sided with them as expected, which is fine since Mustang's uprising is intended to be a diversion. It is revealed the Mustang and Lt. Hawkeye with them are 2nd Lt. Havoc and Sgt. Fuery in disguise, as the real ones took their place at the hospital in Central. After convincing a nurse not to report them, the two head out disguised in different clothes. Maj. General Hakuro is assigned to suppress the uprising and the Führer convinces him he only promoted Mustang to test his loyalty. Before leaving his office, Führer Bradley learns of some children arrested that were pretending to be the Elrics and he decides to have them executed. As the Tringham brothers ponder their predicament in their cell, Mustang gets the plans for the Führer's house and learns about the Elrics' supposed arrest. At Central Command, Ed and Izumi begin their attack, with Izumi angry at Ed for not confirming if the Führer would actually be there since he left to attend his son's birthday party. Using a transmuted door and plant, the Tringhams use the transmuted plant to pull Ed and Izumi into the room they are in with 2nd Lt. Ross and Sgt. Brosh's help. It turns out that Ross and Brosh saved Russell and Fletcher during Ed and Izumi's commotion due to the Führer's order to have them executed for claiming to be the Elric brothers.

Russell reveals that they came to Central with a page from their father's journal that reveals a secret location. They are then attacked by Colonel Archer, where over half of his body has been outfitted with automail to replace the portion lost in Reole which turned him into a cyborg. Recognizing both Ed and Izumi, he prepares to attack, forcing Izumi to remain behind to fight him. Outside the building, Mustang and Hawkeye witness the battle and just before they leave, knowing they aren't needed, Ed appears. While riding in their car, Ed learns of Mustang's plan and points out even if Mustang succeeds in assassinating the Führer, it would end his dream of becoming the Führer himself. Mustang admits it is to avenge Hughes and that he and Ed are very similar, as they are both willing to give up their dreams. Ed states that due to the mystery person and the Homunculi, wars have been started to create the Philosopher's Stone, and now he must defeat this person and destroy the stone so no one will remember it. Ed is willing to do this even if he and Al must remain in their current bodies which is more important. After getting out of the car, Ed and Mustang say goodbye for the final time and go their separate ways.

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