Ed arrives to rescue Al, whose armor has partially disintegrated. With Sloth, Wrath, and Lust all on the scene - and all with different motives - it's time for a homunculi showdown.

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Sloth works on convincing Al to come with her, by acting the way his mother used to act to him. In the street, Wrath is trying to recover and recalls his time when he was in the Gate, and confuses his memories of Sloth with his infant memories of Izumi, until he believes that Sloth, not Izumi, is his real mother.

As Sloth leads Al away, Tucker begs for him to attempt once more to bring Nina back. Before leaving, Sloth knocks out Tucker by creating a sphere of water around his head since Tucker's role in this is over.

Ed transmutes nearby metallic material into a replacement hand for his automail arm just as Sloth and Al arrive. Ed tries to convince Al that despite her appearance, Sloth is an imitation of their mother, but Al is still taken in Sloth's performance. When Tucker arrives, Ed sees the portion of Al's armor that is missing, and quickly realizes that Tucker tricked Al. Ed begins the battle by transmuting his automail arm into a machine gun, forcing Tucker to retreat and Sloth to turn her body into water, but Al gets in the way. Ed then runs and just as Sloth encases him with water, Ed reveals his trap, which is the same type of the transmutation circle used against Greed in Dante's house to seal away a homunculus.

Ed then reveals he has something from his mother's remains from when he desecrated her grave. This is in a small box, which he fuses into Sloth's body, much to Al's horror. Lust, who had helped Ed created the transmutation circle in the first place, arrives and is thanked by him for her help. He then throws the locket towards her which she bats away, stating she did not help him to get a hold of that. Sloth wants Lust to state why she betrayed their master and Lust admits that it was due to her memories, which she believes are created from the strong emotions of the one who performed the human transmutation. Al then betrays Ed by grabbing the case and throwing it out the window, not wishing to use their mother's remains like this. As a recovering Sloth is vomiting a few red stones, Al explains that even if they did created her, they cannot destroy her. Lust volunteers for their task, and as Ed heads after the case, he finds that Wrath had found it first.

Realizing what Ed was trying to do, Wrath makes it clear that he is determined to protect his "mother". Ed says that Sloth is not Wrath's mother, nor his, but sinply an abomination. Wrath fuses the case into his body and knocks Ed back into the building, taking his cue from him. Once inside, Wrath transmutes numerous guns to his left arm and fires them at Lust. Sloth uses this chance to turn into water and enter the hole in Al's armor to take control of him, forcing the Al to go where she intended to lead him before.

Destroying the guns on Wrath's arm, Lust has Ed purse Sloth while she deals with Wrath. Lust admits that even though Wrath doesn't have any remains that can be used against him, she can still kill him once the red stones in his body are used up. Wrath can only try to dodge Lust's attacks, but when he is knocked down, Wrath notices the locket with Lust's human remains that she knocked away earlier. Reminding Lust that he can use alchemy and with it clear that she is in the transmutation circle, Wrath uses the locket to paralyze Lust before she can flee and then activates the circle. Ed catches up with Sloth and can't fight Al to avoid any alchemical reactions as he tries again to explain to Al that the homunculus woman isn't their mother. Ed starts drawing something on two different identical tables as he dodges Al's attacks and Sloth thinks he is trying to use a transmutation circle against his brother instead. However, Ed's plan is to draw half a circle on each so he and Al can unite them together to turn both Al and Sloth's bodies into ice just as she realizes it. As Lust begins vomiting her red stones out which seems to be so painful that it made her cry, Wrath makes her realize her only reason to become human is to die. Wrath then transmutes the gun on his arm into a sword and kills Lust. He then questions his own desire to become human, and noticing Tucker, Wrath tries to ask him in an aggressive tone, only for Tucker to retreat out of fear.

Ed apologizes to Al for what he did, but Al makes his own apology for his own foolishness. As Sloth begins to break free, she admits she first saw them that night when they performed human transmutation on their mother, flashing back in the past. Dante was in Resembool that night and knew that since the boys were Hohenheim's sons, this would happen. Giving the bodied corpse some red stones, Dante took it to her house. After Sloth eats enough red stones to attain her form, Dante convinced Sloth, who was dominated by Trisha's memories, that she can make her human. Dante put Sloth under Pride's command to serve in the military under the vacant name that Pride previously used to start the Ishval Civil War to avoid suspicion. Back in the present, Ed realizes Sloth is vibrating her cells to generate heat and thaw herself out. After breaking free and separating from Al's armor, Sloth admits to the Elrics that as Lust said, she does have their mother's memories due to the Elrics' strong emotions when they created her. Sloth wishes to kill them so she can be free from her memories, convinced that no mother could kill her own sons.

As Sloth continues the fight and none of Ed's attacks are working, Wrath shows up, which distracts Sloth. Ed then stabs her with his automail sword which he transmuted into sodium so it can react with Sloth's watery body and cause it to explode. Sloth is still alive, and Wrath, determined to protect her, decides to fuse with her. However, this proves to be his ultimate mistake, as Wrath had absorbed Trisha's remains into his body earlier. With Sloth no longer able to move, Ed decides to use a similar method when he previously transmuted Greed's body. Ed's transmutation turns Sloth's body into ethanol, and Ed orders Wrath to get away from her as she will vaporize. Wrath does separate from Sloth, with burns along the parts of his body that had been attached to her. The episode ends with Winry viewing the battle from outside, smiling eerily as Sloth is destroyed.

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