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A sinister voice rings out from the shell of Al’s armor, and Ed and Greed find themselves under attack. As the Homunculi use the darkness to their advantage, a face from the past arrives to join the battle.

Full Synopsis

Al hears a mysterious voice in a dream sequence stating it is too soon for him to die, which changes from a young boy's voice to a more monstrous voice. Elsewhere, Ed's group has arrived in Kanama and are directed to Hohenheim. Ed quickly punches him with his Automail arm, much to Hohenheim's surprise and also notices that Ed brought friends (Greed/Ling, Heinkel, and Darius), although Heinkel states it is because they are on the same mission and Greed points out he's the leader of their group. After Hohenheim notices Greed's Ouroboros tattoo and Ed points out The Promised Day is tomorrow, Hohenheim agrees to tell them the whole story. That night Ed is shocked which Hohenheim admits that he couldn't take learning the truth like Alphonse did and also admits he saw Al at Reole who had accepted his story.

Hohenheim states that since he is the Philosopher's Stone they wanted, he asks how will they use him. Hohenheim is happy to hear Ed won't use him due to the Human Sacrifice's involved and reveals that on the Promised Day, an eclipse will occur which is part of Father's plan, and he needs Ed's help to stop him. Ed refuses, preferring to go on his own path without him. As his group is leaving, Ed states the message from Pinako which is Trisha's last words that she couldn't keep her promise and "I'm dying first." Ed watches as Hohenheim starts to shed tears before going to have food with his group. At a foodstand, Heinkel, Darius, and Greed encourage Ed to at least have a decent conversation with his father, but Ed refuses on the grounds of what he went through because of him and that Hohenheim is not what he expected. Sitting alone by a fire, Hohenheim thinks about his last encounter with Trisha and admits that while he failed to fulfill their promise, he'll be coming back to her later on. After picking up red cloth at a store, Ed transmutes into a new red jacket for himself, expecting this to be his last battle.

As they leave Kanama, Ed asks whey they should stick with him. Greed reminds Ed that he works for him, and Darius and Heinkel admit even if they don't become fully human again, there is still advantages to being a Chimera since they have nowhere else to go. Al suddenly appears, and while Ed wants to make a conversation with him, Ling states not to go near him as he can sense Pride. Parts of Pride's body emerges from Al's armor and attacks with his shadow points, but the group dodges them. Pride is surprised that Greed has defected from their side and believes his soul is too weak, allowing Ling to take over. At the crash site, Lt. General Grumman and Major Miles talk and state the Führer's body is still missing from the train wreckage and Grumman decides he'll gather the northern forces and search to confirm that Bradley is dead so it can make him feel easier. Grumman also knows he can't return to Central right away since Bradley's administration is still functioning, and will have to wait for Colonel Mustang or General Armstrong to make their move first so Grumman can time it right and make him look like a hero and also make it easier for him to become the next Führer.

As Ed watches the shadows with eyes that have emerged from Al's armor, Greed identifies it as the Homunculus Pride who is technically his oldest brother. Pride sees that Greed is a hindrance that needs to be eliminated, and Ed thinks he is impersonating Al, only for Pride to reveal he is actually possessing Al's hallow body. Pride decides to focus on Greed first, and Ed decides to fight while Heinkel and Darius hide, knowing they shouldn't fight him. Though Ed is confident since the Homunculus cannot kill him, Pride decides to hack off a few of Ed's limbs instead. Ed dodges Pride's attacks and tries to block them by transmuting a rock wall, but it doesn't work. After Greed blocks Pride's attack with his Ulitmate Shield, Pride responds by grabbing him with his shadows and threatens Greed's life as well as the lives at Kanama. Ed responds by using a transmutation to create a blackout in Kanama to cut off the light and weaken Pride's shadow powers. However, it also weakens Ed's field of vision. Talking it out with Heinkel and Darius, Greed explains the situation and announces his suspicions that Pride's real body, which is also his container, is somewhere close by due to the original shadows coming from the bushes instead of Al's body.

However, Heinkel in his chimera form tracks down and attacks Pride's human body Selim Bradley due to his sharp animal senses. Darius explains to Ed that even though Al's body is not moving, they can't go near him to avoid stepping into a trap until Pride is dealt with. While Darius directs Ed by the sounds to where Heinkel is fighting, Greed wonders how Pride tracked them down. Darius then senses Gluttony and helps them dodge his attack, revealing to Greed that was how they were tracked down, because of Gluttony's strong sense of smell. Greed states that due to Gluttony only using his sense of smell to see, Darius should be evenly matched with him. Darius reluctantly agrees and transforms into his chimera form. Darius bashes Gluttony around, as well as Ed by mistake.

As Greed evaluates how difficult the situation is, inside his body, Ling suggests to switch with him due to his ability to sense the Homunculus. As Gluttony smashes into Greed's right arm, during the regeneration Greed reluctantly gives in to Ling's request. Ling is able to sense Gluttony and take him down by letting Gluttony get close. An angry Gluttony responds by transforming his body into it's true form again. Before the transformed Gluttony can attack, a mysterious figure rushes out from behind the bushes and using a metallic arm with a sharp blade, slices up Gluttony's body. As Gluttony recognizes the intruder's scent, the intruder continues their attack until Gluttony cannot move. Ling is happy to identify this person as Lan Fan, who has returned with an Automail left arm.

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