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Al meets with Tucker, and Ed scours Dante's mansion for clues that could lead him to the Homunculi's leader. Meanwhile, the Führer sends Mustang and Armstrong to command his northern campaign.

Full Synopsis

Mr. Tucker reveals he knows Scar created the Philosopher's Stone successfully after observing Colonel Archer's injuries and learning of the Elric brothers' desertion. Tucker admits that also he knew the truth about the Homunculi and their master all along due to his time in Laboratory 5. Tucker wants to make a Quid pro quo with Al, offering to show Al how to use the Philosopher’s Stone within him in exchange for using the stone to resurrect his daughter, Nina. Ed and Izumi meet at Dante's house, where Izumi points out the real mystery with her former teacher was with her seclusion in a forest and keeping her alchemist knowledge to herself to hide something despite her incredible knowledge. Remembering this is what caused for Izumi to have a falling out with Dante, Izumi shows a love letter she found to Ed, that is addressed from Hohenheim to Dante. The date on the letter indicates it is 400 years old; Ed realizes that if Dante really is that old, then she may be the one directing the actions of the Homunculi. Ed leaves, deciding he'll handle the Homunculi on his own.

Führer Bradley (Pride) sees off the newly-promoted Brigadier General Mustang and Lt. Colonel Armstrong on the campaign with Maj. General Hakuro's troops to the northern border with the country of Drachma and that the Führer mentions that Archer, who is still alive, will protect Central Command in their absence. Pride then goes to the city hidden beneath Central where his creator, Dante, informs him that Mustang and all of the other soldiers who have learned too much about the Philosopher’s Stone and Hughes' death will be killed on the battlefield by Envy. Envy arrives and is furious to learn that Dante has sent Hohenheim to the other side of the Gateway, denying Envy revenge upon Hohenheim. Dante offers Envy a consolation: there is still a Philosopher’s Stone, and the hope it represents, to be taken from Hohenheim's sons; this prospect appeals to Envy.

Lust, Wrath and Sloth arrive at the room where the Elrics are staying, and seeing the note which Al left, Sloth decides to head there alone to capture Al and eliminate Tucker for knowing too much. Tucker begins the alchemical process using the same array from Lab. 5, while Lust and Wrath intercept Ed upon his return to their room. Ed reveals he knows Lust's weakness and tricks her into attacking a cabinet where the locket is stored. Wrath then fights Ed, who gains the advantage when he transmutes a part of Ed's automail arm into himself and Ed points out that Wrath won't become human even if he steals his left arm and right leg. After Ed leads them outside, Wrath remains loyal to Dante, even though he thinks he won't need her to make him into a human being, but Lust no longer believes Dante's promise of humanity. Wrath attacks Lust for her betrayal by using the locket to paralyze Lust and then injure her, but Ed uses a transmutation to save Lust.

Lust tells Ed she will help him rescue Al from Sloth who is on her way to Tucker’s factory, in exchange for making her human as well as revealing her master's identity. However, Ed admits he didn't promise Lust anything and warns her that he still has her weakness just in case she tricks him. Tucker has used up a portion of the Philosopher’s Stone (and therefore a visible portion of Alphonse) in a futile attempt to resurrect Nina. Sloth arrives to take Al to Dante, and she explains to Tucker that he just didn't have sufficient strength of will to attach Nina's soul to the perfect yet mindless child he has created.

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