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Quiet warnings spread near and far: the Promised Day is at hand. While most will face the coming chaos with their own kind, Edward forms a new cabal comprised of human, chimera – and Homunculus.

Full Synopsis

Inside the executive estate, Greed begins his attack on Wrath while Mrs. Bradley watches in horror with Pride in her arms. Greed demands to know the meaning of the images and emotions pounding through his head and why he can remember King Bradley attacking him and his old gang in a sewer tunnel. Disgusted that Greed's avarice will not even let him abandon the past, Wrath begins a furious counteroffensive with his sword, nearly killing his brother again until Greed's Ultimate Shield activates and, snapping the Führer's sword, gives Greed a chance to escape through a nearby window.

The next morning, at the Armstrong Family Mansion, Olivier arrives to visit her father, curtly advising him to retire as family head immediately, transfer the headship to her and take an extended vacation in a foreign land. Her father remarks that he had intended to leave the family headship to Alex, but Olivier argues that her cowardly brother would only sully the family name. However, Alex enters the room at that moment and is informed by his father that the two siblings are to duel here and now for the family headship. As Olivier draws her sword and Alex strips down to battle mode, Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong immediately pack their bags and prepare to travel to Xing with Catherine posthaste, clearly taking Olivier's hint that it will soon be too dangerous to remain in Amestris. Olivier ultimately wins the duel and claims the family headship - though the house has been seriously damaged by their brawl - and, when Alex asks her why she would become a member of the corrupt Central Command, she hints to her brother that she is only a part of their cabal in name.

May arrives in the eastern mining town of Youswell on her way back to Xing with the larval Envy in a covered jar and, encountering the people there, is greeted with much hospitality despite being a mere foreign traveler. Seeing the girl's appreciation for being treated so well by strangers, Envy slyly remarks that May is abandoning such nice people to die, but that it's no business of hers, being from another country. He continues, however, to comment that a half-dead Homunculus like him will hardly impress the Xing Emperor, but the true source of his power, back in Central City, would be a much finer example of immortality and might be able to save these nice people as well. Gathering up her determination, May makes her way back to the capital as the contemptuous Envy laughs that he will finally be able to acquire a new Philosopher's Stone.

Accompanied by Darius and Heinkel, Edward finally arrives at the place he believes Alphonse will head - Colonel Mustang's damaged safehouse outside of Central. However, once inside, they realize that Alphonse is nowhere to be seen and must have holed up somewhere else. Suddenly, they are greeted by the sound of approaching footsteps and are shocked when the hungry Ling, now in control of his own body again, walks in and collapses in the rubble. Ed explains his situation with the two chimeras while Ling explains that Greed had gotten into a fight with the Führer and abandoned the other Homunculi, allowing Ling to regain control in the monster's anguished state and wander here - to a nearby hiding place in his memory. But Ling changes tone quickly as he feels the pull of Greed's return; he tells Edward that the Father plans to open the Gate during something he calls The Promised Day and remarks that the Gate's activation will likely allow Ed and Al to enter and regain their bodies. Setting that aside, however, Ed wonders why on earth Father plans to open the Gate. Before Ling can say anymore, Greed takes back control of their body and scoffs at the Xingese prince's big mouth before getting up and strolling out. Ed asks if Greed will inform the others of his whereabouts, but the Homunculus reminds Fullmetal that he is no longer welcome in that circle and has washed his hands of his siblings. Before Greed can depart, Ed asks him to join up with their side, and - though Greed is reminded fondly of his group at Devil's Nest - he refuses the offer based on the fact that he will only join an organization of which he can be considered the boss. Thinking it over for a moment, Ed agrees to his terms and declares that he, Darius and Heinkel will henceforth be Greed's henchmen. Greed is surprised, but Edward remarks that he can't let his pride keep him from making a deal to acquire the information he wants. Greed gleefully accepts, but warns Fullmetal that life as his henchman will make the alchemist into a criminal and fugitive. Noticing that he still has Winry's earrings, Ed laments that he won't be able to see her or his brother for some time.

In Dublith, Mason impatiently turns away the latest in a series of military inquiries as to Izumi Curtis' whereabouts by stating that she and her husband have gone on one of their many travels and he hasn't heard from her. Suddenly receiving a phone call, he ushers them out of the butcher shop and quietly greets Sig on the line by informing him that Alphonse left a message from Van Hohenheim for Izumi. Hiding in the suburbs of North City, Sig relays the message - which concerns "The Promised Day" - to Izumi, who purposely attacks the Briggs Mountain Guard in order to be arrested and brought to Fort Briggs, where she relays the message further to Major Miles and Captain Buccaneer, telling them it comes from Al. Buccaneer and 2nd Lt. Falman head to a public phone booth at the foot of the mountain and contact Lt. General Grumman in East City with the message and, the next day, he covertly slips the news to 2nd Lt. Rebecca Catalina and asks her to take some time off to visit her best friend Riza in the capital. The two women shop and shoot the breeze, commenting on the joint training exercise between Briggs and the Eastern forces has been both rescheduled and relocated to East City due to the recent exchange of fire with Drachma, and before she boards her train back east, Rebecca surreptitiously slips a small paper note into Black Hayate's collar and asks that Riza pay respects on her behalf to Jean Havoc. Finding the note, Riza takes the hint and goes to visit Jean in the hospital. Jean remarks that he will soon be transferring to a hospital out in the eastern countryside to be near his family and Hawkeye gives him a pack of cigarettes as a parting gift. As she takes leave of her friend, she asks him to give her regards to the Colonel, should he ever come by and, complying, Jean finds something interesting inside the cigarette carton. As Mustang, hiding in the adjacent bed, draws the curtain away from himself, Havoc laughs that Hawkeye's remark shows rather clearly that she had known of his presence, but Roy replies that any contact between them outside of casual encounters in Central Command would be dangerous. Havoc insists that the Colonel take a cigarette and, as he presents the carton to his friend, Roy notices that one of the sticks is merely a piece of paper rolled up to resemble the real ones. Exiting the hospital, Roy reads the note, which informs him that the Promised Day will occur in the spring of the coming year and that the north and east will begin their joint attack when that time comes.

Around the country, everyone begins their long preparations for the day to come; Al discusses Alkahestry with Van in Reole while the others of their party help out around town; Miles, Buccaneer and Falman examine area maps; Scar and Marcoh head east across the Great Desert; May continues her journey back to the capital; and the remaining four Homunculi gather around their Father as their long-awaited time approaches.

Episode Cards

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 80: The Prodigal Father Returns, Chapter 82: Family by Spirit and Chapter 83: The Promised Day.
  • Though this episode ended with the song Shunkan SENTIMENTAL by SCANDAL, the scenes shown during the theme were changed to depict the general preparation for The Promised Day.
  • This episode is the first to contain a title card with a blank, black background. Additionally, it is the only episode to announce the title at the very end of the episode, in keeping with its corresponding manga chapter. However, for the Adult Swim broadcast, the title card is placed at the beginning.
  • The final post-credits scene, in which Colonel Mustang destroys all evidence of having received the note with Flame Alchemy, is removed in the American broadcast.
  • The scene in which May Chang arrives in Youswell was altered somewhat, suggesting that she had never been to the town before. Though the townspeople (including Halling and Khayal) appear, their moving hospitality towards May is born of kindness and pity rather than recognition and gratitude, as in the manga. This is due to the removal of the content from the earlier chapters regarding Youswell from the earlier episodes of the 2009 anime.
  • This episode marks the first (and possibly only) official use of the portmanteau "Greedling," used by Ed to refer to the dual-nature Homunculus.
  • Mason's role as Izumi and Sig's worker at the butcher shop is finally revealed in this episode. He does have a slight cameo in Episode 13, but went without introduction until this time.
  • According to the Bonus Episode: Tales of the Master, Sig is from the north and the town in which he is hiding may very well be his hometown.
  • Grumman appears to have regrown his mustache in a short span of time, though it does appear slightly less bushy than before.
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