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Ed proves he will do whatever it takes to stop the Homunculi -- even defile his mother's grave. Back in Central, Colonel Mustang decides to challenge the entire military leadership on his own.

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Continuing from where the previous episode left off, Hohenheim, confronting Dante while Lust and Gluttony both watch on, states he will tell her the reason why their current bodies are rotting in exchange for leaving his sons alone. Ignoring Hohenheim, Dante tries to convince him to help her enjoy her new vessel within Lyra since it's been centuries since they last met. Hohenheim states he'll remain loyal to his deceased wife Trisha, the only woman he truly loved. Dante goes on to say that she, too, has also been married repeatedly and if she had stayed with one of her ex-husbands, it would have exposed her secret and her decaying body. Flashing back to 400 years ago, Hohenheim was nearly killed when he and Dante created a Philosopher's Stone from the souls of plague victims and those accused of witchcraft. She saved his life by performing her first soul transference and they have been transferring themselves between bodies ever since. Lust realizes that this had been Dante’s true objective for getting the stone; Dante states that after Hohenheim left her, she needed another alchemist. He explains to her that the virtual immortality they have achieved by transferring their souls from one body to the next is blasphemous. In Resembool, while Winry and Sheska argue over their opinions of cooking, Mr. Tucker calls which Winry picks up, and he leaves an urgent telephone message for Al, which he hides from Ed when he returns.

Back in Central, the Führer (Pride) and the officers of the military council are questioning Colonel Mustang. After the accusations of the charges against the Elric brothers in the Reole incident is reviewed, and Mustang states the conflict had started because Hakuro's troops had over-enforced their authority on the citizens, he is then questioned about his actions in calling off the search for the Elric brothers. He claims that they have gone north into the territory of another country, Drachma. He then deflects further questioning by revealing the involvement of the Führer's secretary (Sloth) in the death of Maes Hughes. The Führer takes the hint, and the questioning ends. While visiting with his subordinates in the hospital, Mustang admits to them that he now suspects that the homunculi were responsible for the Ishval Civil War to force someone to use the lives of the Ishvalans out of despair to create a Philosopher's Stone. Lieutenant Havoc backs this up by stating that the military had been getting involved in a lot more conflicts since King Bradley took over as Führer. Mustang admits that the reason why he can no longer trust the Führer is because of his willingness to sacrifice innocent lives to secretly create the stone.

Back in Resembool, Ed changes his hair color with alchemy, along with his clothes, while Al's armored body is hidden in a fake statue as disguises. After saying goodbye to Winry and Sheska, the Elrics depart to end the conflict over the Philosopher's Stone. Back at Dante's hideout, Hohenheim explains their souls are gradually eroding with each transfer and will soon lack the energy needed to maintain a body. Dante refuses to accept the truth, and reveals that while she used the last bit of their old Philosopher's Stone to transfer to Lyra's body, it does not matter because of Scar's actions that have turned Alphonse's body into the stone. Hohenheim is then distracted by Sloth's resemblance to Trisha, and is trapped by the homunculus woman. Dante then uses Rosé’s baby as an alchemical key to open the Gate and banish him inside it. She then meets with Rosé, which makes it clear she plans to use her as her next host. She then frees Lust from her imprisonment and dispatches her to aid Sloth and Wrath in capturing Alphonse to bring the stone to her. She even states that she will fulfill her promise to turn her into a human if she succeeds.

Though their disguises on the train which hide their official records are effective, the Elric brothers are forced to flee when the military search threatens to destroy the statue Al is hiding in. Retreating to a nearby hotel, Ed leaves him to go do something. At Central Command, Mustang meets with Armstrong, where, having been recently promoted to Brigadier General and Lt. Colonel, the two are ordered to launch military operations across the border in the north to, nominally at least, capture the Elric brothers or force Drachma to send them back. However, Mustang reveals the testing of the Führer's reaction was part of his plan to verify what the Elrics said before about the Führer's identity. Since it gave Bradley away and exposed their secret communication with them, Mustang believes that he will be murdered at the front lines to silence them for learning too much about the truth.

Ed meets Izumi, who had been in hiding, at Dante's house to learn the secret behind her master and he asks her whether there is any part of her child’s corpse remaining, which would give him a weapon to use against Wrath. Al travels to an empty factory where Tucker is waiting for him, and he asks for his help in learning how to use the Philosopher’s Stone.


  • Ed's disguise of a large hat, circular glasses & large overcoat, bears a striking resemblance to the trademark costume of Alucard, protagonist of the Hellsing anime/manga series.

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