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Ed and Al must convince Mustang's faction that the Führer isn't what he seems. The reappearance of their father complicates matters. He has his own score to settle -- one that goes to root of the entire conspiracy.

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Lyra and Rosé descend a secret staircase in an old church where Lyra explains that it used to belong to an older religion that is no longer practiced and once caused numerous people to die in a religious conflict. At the bottom, the homunculi Sloth, Wrath, Gluttony and Lust are awaiting their arrival. Sloth berates Lust, who is still imprisoned for allowing the Elric brothers to escape, although she reminds her that it is not her mission to eliminate them as Lyra and Rosé arrive.

Although Colonel Mustang is furious at Ed and Al for running off without seeking him for help first, however, with Major Armstrong's gentler approach, the Elric brothers explain that they ran because Führer Bradley is a homunculus (Pride) and therefore, part of the conspiracy over the Philosopher's Stone. The Elric brothers add that his secretary Juliet Douglas is a homunculus as well, much to Sheska's relief as she thought that she was an alien. The Elrics still keep Al's new status as the stone a secret, however. Mustang has Armstrong work on sending the rest of his search party back to Reole while he heads to Resembool. Along the way, Ed and Al learn that Havoc and Fuery have already been sent back, with Ed apologizing for what he did. The subject changes to his pocketwatch, to which Al admits that he lost it after Kimblee threw it at Scar and some red stone fragments came flying out, which Mustang realizes that Archer was responsible. He admits that they used the Red Stones before during the Ishval Civil War under Basque Grand's authority as transmutation amplifiers. During their argument, Al accidentally causes another transmutation, knocking him into a river, although the Elrics quickly cover up the truth to avoid revealing the stone.

After learning of the reappearance of their father from Brosh upon their return to the Rockbell Automail house, Al is excited to see him, but Ed is angry enough to deck Hohenheim with one punch for flirting with Ross (and later kicks him in the stomach after misinterpreting his question of whether he still hates milk as a statement that he hadn't matured enough). That night, Hohenheim reacts when he overhears Ed describe Lyra as wearing the same obnoxious perfume he has smelled on his father, and Al's relief that she had safely escaped Dante's house after her apparent murder by Greed. Later, Hohenheim has a private conversation with Mustang. Mustang mentions that the Führer is married and has a son in addition to having seen pictures of him when he was younger. Hohenheim reveals that homunculi originally do not possess their human shape when they are born and must be fed human lives through red stones to gain it, and that the Führer can likely alter his appearance to make it look like he ages like a human. He reveals that Selim is likely adopted since a homunculus cannot reproduce. He also mentions that due to Laboratory 5 having produced red stones, it is likely that someone is raising them and having them teach others how to make them due to their inability to perform alchemy. Al appears and asks why they can't, in which Hohenheim reveals because the homunculi come from the other side of the gate. Against Ed's wishes, Al decides to spend the night with their father.

Hohenheim reveals that Al's body was lost and it's possible to transfer his soul to another's body which he cannot do. Al learns that reversing Equivalent Exchange can bring his body back, although he does not mention Sloth. The next day, Hohenheim disappears, and Mustang, as he leaves with Hawkeye, wants the Elrics to stay in hiding while he deals with the search party that has just arrived in Resembool. He also promises to look into the claim of the Führer being a Homunculus. Pinako then sends the Elrics and Sheska into the basement to hide. While there, they bring up the subject of Juliet Douglas, and once Sheska mentions that she started the Ishval Civil War, Ed reveals to her that a special Black Ops group had actually started the war. He then realizes that the Homunculi were the real instigators of the war so someone could create the Philosopher's Stone. Once Sheska mentions that Hughes was likely killed for learning too much, the Elrics are horrifyingly shocked that Hughes has been long dead since they left Central. The Elrics angrily prepare to chase after Mustang for not telling them, only to be restrained by Sheska and Winry. Pinako talks some sense into Ed that Mustang didn't tell him so he wouldn't try to seek revenge and only hid this fact to keep the Elrics from blaming themselves for Hughes' murder, and that seeking revenge wouldn't be something Hughes would have approved. Sheska and Winry regain their respect for Mustang, as they finally realize his true determination to be a better man, just like he promised Hughes, and even though Sheska admits how wrong she was for not trusting Mustang, Ed still can't let go of his anger and hatred towards him.

Hohenheim arrives at the same church where the homunculi are. He recognizes Lyra immediately as Dante, her soul now residing in Lyra's body, and that she had been controlling the homunculi all along. Hohenheim, knowing his body is near its limit, offers to tell her why her new body is already decaying rapidly in exchange for a promise to leave his sons alone, and proves his point by exposing a part of Lyra's skin that has already rotted, much to Lust's surprise. While Alphonse mentions to Winry that the search party is gone, Edward assigns himself a grisly task--desecrating his mother's grave to obtain a piece of her corpse to use as a weapon against Sloth.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Lyra discusses a religion that is now extinct in the world of Amestris. It is strongly implied that said religion was Christianity, especially given Izumi's comment in a later episode that the dating system based on the birth of Christ was once used by an "ancient religion".

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