The Führer declares the Elrics to be fugitives of the state and wants them captured -- dead or alive. Mustang's troops must intercept the boys before they fall into the wrong hands.

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Winry and Sheska arrive at Resembool, with Sheska surprised of how rural it is. However, a stranger who had been with them on the train mistakes Winry for her mother Sara, causing the two of them to run off. While at her house, her grandmother Pinako is trying to learn what Winry has been up to since she left when the stranger shows up, causing both Winry and Sheska to hide. The man mentions he can't find his house, and noticing her nervousness, Pinako points out that while Winry was too young to remember, the man is Hohenheim, Ed and Al's father.

Ed and Al head across the desert since they're now fugitives and cannot go back to the military, what with both the Führer and his secretary being homunculi. This confirms Al's suspicions of Juliet Douglas' true identity: the result of their failed attempt at transmutating their mother - and when Ed refuses to talk about it, their squabble causes part of the Philosopher's Stone within Al's body to create an accidental transmutation where he sees the gate. Ed concludes that he must avoid touching his brother to prevent further expending the stone's power, which would result in Al's body disappearing entirely. He decides they should head to Resembool first where, despite it being the first place the military will look, he needs to get something to help him in their fight against the homunculi.

Back around the site of the former city of Reole, the injured survivors from Scar's giant transmutation array are being loaded up on a train bound for Central. Among them is a heavily bandaged Archer, whose body was badly maimed during the transmutation. Lieutenants Breda and Havoc update Colonel Mustang and Lieutenant Hawkeye about what their search had uncovered. Führer Bradley arrives and pretends to believe that the Elrics were partly responsible for the city's destruction, accusing them of cooperating with Scar in secret and causing the deaths of 1,000 soldiers, therefore, dodging the fact that it was Archer's own ambitious recklessness that mainly contributed to the soldiers' deaths. Mustang volunteers to apprehend the Elrics, a request the Führer grants, although with a warning that should he fail, he'll have much to answer for. With some additional troops, the Mustang Unit and Major Armstrong depart. On the train bound for Central, the Führer (Pride) meets with Gluttony and Sloth in a secret compartment, revealing they have confined Lust for allowing the Elrics to flee.

In Resembool, Winry finds Hohenheim around his wife's grave, and noticing him looking at her mother's grave, she explains what happened to her as Pinako watches them. At Winry's house, Sheska answers the door and comes face-to-face with Lieutenant Ross and Sergeant Brosh. Winry returns home as Sheska argues with Brosh, accusing him and Ross of pursuing her and Winry from Central. As they show them the remains of the Elric household, the girls learn how a friend of Ross's is in Communications had delivered a report that the Elrics have become fugitives, which is the reason she and Brosh are both here, although Ross can't explain it fully. Once Hohenheim makes a suggestion about the nearby river stream, Winry realizes it might be where the Elrics will come from and heads out with Sheska, while Ross and Brosh remain behind to hinder the search party however they can. As Ed and Al travel down the stream, they hide from Falman and Breda. However, Havoc and Fuery spot them and Havoc holds Ed at gunpoint. Ed angrily tells Havoc he is through with the military and holds onto the tip of Havoc's gun with his automail hand; Havoc and Fuery recoil in pain when the gun goes off and the ricochet injures them both. The horrified Elrics apologize before attempting to flee, but are cornered by Falman and Breda, whose uniforms are then transmuted into balloons by Ed as he and Al make their escape. Mustang and the others arrive after the Elrics have gotten away and meet up with Fuery and Havoc. They speculate how the Elrics will travel, with Mustang procuring some matches from the injured Havoc before he goes. When Winry and Sheska show up on a mechanical bike, Hawkeye quickly disables it with a well-aimed shot and takes them into custody (hostage). With the girls as their prisoners/leverage, the military group continues their search. Winry and Sheska start being sniffy toward Mustang, who ignores them. Winry accuses Mustang of betraying Ed after helping him get into the military and Sheska remarks that all he cares about is his rank. When Winry brings up the subject of her parents' execution at Mustang's hands, Hawkeye stops her.

The military group catches up with the Elrics. Once again, Ed admits he is through with the military. Despite Ed using alchemy to create a giant wave of water to render his flame alchemy useless, Mustang uses the matches he took from Havoc as a replacement for his gloves and combines his alchemy with Armstrong's to prevent the Elrics from fleeing. With them trapped and hearing Winry's cry to stop the fight, Mustang admits that, during the Ishval Civil War, he executed her parents under orders when they refused to stop treating the Ishvalan insurgents. However, he reveals that after that horrific experience, he swore that he would never follow unreasonable orders like that again, and that the event is what led him to seek the rank of Führer for himself. He also reveals the reason why he took this mission was to find out why the brothers ran off without coming to him for help first.

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