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Bound by more than blood, the Elrics have long shared joy and pain. Now, with Al wandering the frigid void – and Ed losing blood by Kimblee’s hand – the mystical connection of their souls could prove fatal.

Full Synopsis

Scar, Winry, Yoki, Dr. Marcoh, Mei (with Xiao-Mei), Jerso and Zampano continue their journey through the mines. When Winry trips, Mei discovers a box with some sticks which Marcoh recognizes as dynamite. After examining one, Yoki assures them that the dynamite sticks are too soaked to be able to explode. Scar urges them to hurry up before someone catches up to them. At Fort Briggs, Major Miles orders the men he has with him to get ready and also gives the orders to take out Kimblee and the remaining men he has when they get an opening, while they'll keep it secret from the soldiers that recently arrived from Central Command. Realizing what this means, Ed cannot condone with simply killing them, and instead suggests keeping Kimblee from using his alchemy and interrogating him upon capture. However, Miles states that they wouldn't be able to get Kimblee to talk anyway, and is too dangerous to keep him alive. Ed then brings up the Chimeras he brought and how they are forced to side with him, but Miles rules it out on a "maybe." Ed doesn't want to kill these Chimeras, compared to the late Lt. General Raven which they had no choice. Miles reminds him of the law of Briggs, that if they get careless, then they are dead, and that it would endanger his friends' lives before he leaves the room stating they will stick to the plan.

In the hallway, Miles responds to his mens' comments that while Ed is still a child, it is naive to think they don't have to kill anyone, similar to what they used to believe before their experience taught them otherwise. Miles does admit the Elric brothers have chosen the harder path and is jealous that they are able to. In the mine, the group takes a break to translate the notes. After Scar translate two words which relate to "immortality" and "gold," Mei realizes that since Scar's brother was interested with Xingese alkahestry, it relates to "perfect person" and "gold person." Marcoh realizes that it is saying that a "Perfect Person is a Gold Person." Mei reveals it originated from the Western Sage who introduced her country to alkahestry because of his gold colored hair and eyes, which Winry states is alot like Ed and Al. Yoki then returns to tell them he found the exit. Since the snow is too deep, Mei will have to ride on Zampano's shoulders, while Jerso explains the two will lead to stomp down the deep snow for them. As they are traveling, Winry hears a voice which she realizes is Al by noticing the foot of his armor, and she and Mei dig him out. After Al admits he went around the mountain to catch up with them, he delivers the bad news, Central's forces have occupied Briggs with Major General Armstrong having been summoned to Central Command. As the group talks where to head off to in order to hide, Scar suggests the nearby town Asbec where some of his people are hiding and leads the way.

Winry is worried that Kimblee will get suspicious if Al is gone for too long, but Al mentions that Ed has it covered. As Miles is preparing the squads for the search parties, Ed sits with a dummy that he made of Al's armor with one of Brigg's men inside it who is masquerading as Al. While walking through Baschool, when one of Miles' men mentions that Kimblee is on his way to the mineshaft with only the two chimeras that are with him as he cannot trust the Briggs soldiers, Miles realizes he may have caught on and gives the order to head them off by setting up sniper positions. At the entrance, Kimblee orders Darius and Heinkel to look for footprints to confirm his suspicions. Above him, the Briggs snipers are in position and mention to Miles that they have a clear shot, however they quickly find they cannot fire due to Ed going to confront Kimblee on his own. Trying to talk it out with Kimblee about using the Briggs soldiers, Kimblee reveals that he caught on that Scar's group had likely retreated to the mines, and that not only has the Briggs soldiers been trying to delay him, but are likely setting up snipers while Ed distracts him. Kimblee knew about all this due to his sense of bloodlust, something he picked up on from the Ishval Civil War. Before the snipers can fire on Miles' orders, Kimblee uses his alchemy on the snow to create a mist to obstruct the snipers view. Ed tries to stop Kimblee from going towards the mines, but Darius and Heinkel in their Chimera forms stop Ed.

As Kimblee finds the footprints and follow them, Ed finds he has poor visibility due to the mist Kimblee created, and that he is at a disadvantage, while the Chimeras with their sharp animal senses can track him, as Heinkel grabs Ed. Ed breaks free by using his automail sword on Heinkel's arm, but Darius attacks from behind. Miles catches up, however, Ed urges that he and his men do not enter this poor visibility as he trips over a ledge by mistake. Finding the dynamite just as the two Chimera catch up, when Ed's bluff about using the dynamite fails, the two realize too late that Ed is actually transmuting ammonia with the cold temperature. The gas renders them unconscious due to their sharp sense of smell and Ed has caught up with Kimblee. Ed admits he intends to interrogate Kimblee as he readies himself for battle. Kimblee admits he has no time to be fooling around, but Ed kicks away his Philosopher's Stone to keep him from using it, and then slashes the palm of Kimblee's right hand to prevent him from using his alchemy. However, Kimblee reveals he has another Philosopher's Stone in his mouth, and mentions that Ed's resolve not to kill is his weakness and will be the reason for his defeat since a situation on the battlefield is much different. Kimblee creates a giant explosion, burying Ed and his Chimera's in the remains of the lookout tower.

As Ed wakes up, he finds Darius and Heinkel are trapped in the rubble, as the two are angered by Kimblee's betrayal. When Ed starts to black out, he realizes a sharp metal girder had penetrated the side of his body and he is now bleeding badly. At the location of Scar's group, Al also collapses and feels that his soul is being dragged from his hollow body again as both Mei and Winry are worried about him and call out to him to get up. Ed hearing Winry's voice, doesn't want to let her cry, and uses alchemy to remove the girder and then free Darius and Heinkel before passing out. Darius and Heinkel are surprised by this kind act, but Ed needs them to remove the rest of the girder from his body before he dies. The two agree to do it even though Ed will lose a lot of blood, but Ed admits he'll quickly close the wound with alchemy before he loses too much blood. Ed reveals to them that he learned a little about medical alchemy while researching Human Transmutation, though Darius is concerned that some of his internal organs may haven been damaged as well, which can't be fixed without a Philosopher's Stone. Ed then states his plan is to sacrifice some of his life-force, even if it means by shortening his own lifespan in the process.

As Heinkel begins the painful process of removing the girder, while he is suffering in agonizing pain, Ed recalls since that day he has become a soul-based Philosopher's Stone. Going through that same painful moment of sacrificing life-force, he quickly transmutes on the wound when the girder is out of his body before passing out. Ed then wakes up a few seconds later to confirm to Darius and Heinkel that he is still alive, but also confirms to them that all he did was stop the bleeding, and is not fully healed yet. Despite Heinkel's advice to find a doctor, Ed states there is no time as he must catch up with Kimblee before the others are placed in danger, but passes out again. As Heinkel notes there is no chance Ed has in his current condition, he notices and picks up the Philosopher's Stone that Ed knocked away from Kimblee earlier. Agreeing not to forgive Kimblee for this betrayal, the two decide to become free men and take the wounded Ed to a doctor as they are leaving the mine with Ed on Heinkel's back.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 76: Shape of a Person, Shape of a Stone and Chapter 77: The Tables Are Turned; A New Transmutation Circle.
  • The Transmutation Circle that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the sun symbol on Kimblee's right hand.
  • From this episode forth, the bandage and blood stained on Scar's sleeve just seemingly disappears, despite being present until the time lapse in the manga.
  • When Edward transmutes dynamite into ammonia, green gas is seen; in reality, ammonia is colorless. It's likely that it was colored to be visible for the viewers.
  • When Ed is wounded, it's in exactly the same place where Mustang was stabbed by Lust in Episode 19: Death of the Undying. Both men are wounded enough that they require medical treatment immediately afterwards, and both are injured after a fight with someone using a Philosopher's stone.

Episode Cards

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