As Al tries to stop Martel's vengeful attack on Kimblee, Scar's past is revealed to Ed. When all is said and done, the seventh Homunculus will be exposed and a friend of the Elrics will die.

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Martel begins her attack against Kimblee, determined to avenge Greed and her friends' deaths. While Martel is holding him at knife-point, Kimblee reveals to Al and Martel that he is once again a State Alchemist which further angers Martel. Once Kimblee tricks Al into stopping Martel, Kimblee uses his alchemy on the nearby soldier and launches the body at Martel as she breaks free from Al. However, Al pulls Martel away at the last second and jumps down to a grass field. After Kimblee insults the unconscious Martel due to her being a Chimera, Al fights him to protect her. Al's transmutation creates some stones to allow Kimblee to transmute so at the right moment, Al creates a giant stone wall to surround Kimblee to use his own alchemy against him. Kimblee comes out with his arm injured and Al requests that Martel escapes, just as Mustang and more soldiers arrive. Mustang points out that Al is under his jurisdiction and Kimblee will have to launch a formal complaint against Al. Kimble threatens that he'll turn Al's armor into a bomb the next time they meet.

At Central Command, Führer Bradley assigns Hakuro as Acting Führer while he heads out to suppress the uprising in Reole to prevent it from turning out like Ishval. In actuality, he is heading there to destroy it with Juliet Douglas (Sloth) and Wrath. In Reole, Scar confirms Ed is aware of what he is trying to do, where Lust and Gluttony observe them, with Lust surprised when she hears of the Philosopher's Stone. Once Scar confirms to Ed that he killed Nina four years ago in Central out of mercy, Ed accuses Scar of using Rosé and the other townsfolk as human sacrifices, which Scar is surprised that Ed knows Rosé. Ed and Scar fight, with Scar trying to deconstruct Ed's automail limbs like before, but cannot. Ed reveals that Scar needs to know the metallic composition in his automail to deconstruct it, so he is changing the metal around so Scar can't destroy his automail, but it is causing problems with the mechanical parts inside so he has to end the fight quick. After Ed gets a few hits in on Scar, the Ishvalan grabs his left arm, reminding Fullmetal that he can destroy flesh, but Lust and Gluttony intervene before the fight carries on.

Ed breaks his automail arm free by transmuting hot steam, which is used on the two Homunculi, but they regenerate and Lust reveals that she and Gluttony will protect Scar since he wants to create the stone. Taking out the locket he retrieved in Ishval, Scar asks if Lust recognizes it, which stuns her, forcing Gluttony to take Lust and retreat. Lyra and Rosé appear, where Lyra asks that Ed should hear what Scar has to say which is what Rosé wants, causing Ed to realize that Rosé is now mute. At Rosé's house, Scar reveals to Ed the story about his brother and the girlfriend his brother had who died from an illness. His brother became an exile for performing Human Transmutation to resurrect her. Ed reveals to Scar that Lust was created from that transmutation because Homunculi are created from a failed human transmutation. Lyra remembers hearing it from Dante who performed human transmutation, which Ed suspects was Greed. Ed mentions that someone is likely behind controlling the Homunculi and bringing them together. Taking the locket, Ed sees some pieces of hair inside of it and explains that Homunculi are weak against material from the person they are modeled after, which is what happened to Lust.

Continuing his story, Scar reveals that after the sudden attack and outbreak of war, his brother came back knowing how to create a Philosopher's Stone, but the faithful Ishvalans ignored him and then he later renounced his research. Ed admits he met the Ishvalan Exile in Kishua and heard the story that the stone requires a large amount of human sacrifices that a town or civilization must be eliminated. Scar mentions that anger, frustration, and malice are also needed to blend for the stone's creation. In the past, Kimblee attacked Scar's group under orders to murder every Ishvalan present and tortured Scar by giving him his x-shaped scar and took away Scar's original right arm. When his brother came to save him, the transmutation circle, drawn on his body, absorbed Kimblee's red stone, before the Iron-Blood Alchemist Basque Grand attacked and Scar woke up with his brother's right arm and the tattoo attached because he sacrificed himself to save Scar, knowing that Scar was also in love with his girlfriend. Ed realized that Scar's brother had transmuted the lives into the transmutation circle before passing off the symbol to Scar and the fact it is incomplete is why it absorbs Red Stones.

Thinking Scar is using Rosé as a figurehead, Ed is corrected by Lyra that Scar will not sacrifice Rosé and her people; instead, he will lure the soldiers into Reole and use them as sacrifices with the giant Transmutation Array after the townsfolk escape unharmed through the underground tunnels. Ed is angered about sacrificing soldiers, and seeing Rosé holding a baby, Scar reveals Rosé became like this due to torture while she was imprisoned by the military. Back at the military outpost, as he looks for Martel, Al learns from Lt. Havoc that the Führer has arrived. As she crawls through the vents, Martel overhears Bradley meeting in secret with Kimblee and Tucker. Bradley wants Kimblee to lead Tucker's new chimeras into Reole to force the people there to fight back and make it look like they attacked first similar to what happened in Ishval, so that way, the military won't be accused of wrongdoing. Bradley also wants Kimblee to assassinate Ed if possible to support this heroic image. Not wanting this to happen, Martel attacks Bradley at knife-point as he is leaving, only for Bradley to knock the knife away. Easily dodging Martel's attacks, Bradley's eye patch comes off, revealing it has an Ouroboros tattoo. Bradley, who is the seventh Homunculus Pride that can predict attacks with the eye, follows Martel as she escapes to Al who has her get in his armor. As Al's expression changes, Bradley arrives and places his sword at the right spot, allowing it to go through Al's armor and kill Martel, all the while frightening a visibly disturbed Al. Bradley explains to Al that he dealt with the fugitive chimera that hid in his armor, thanking him for his help before leaving. Al visibly continues to break down and mourns for Martel, ending the episode.

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