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The ruse of Winry's abduction by Scar is revealed, but a plan of rescue must still be hatched. A brutal storm is coming – one which only Alphonse Elric can brave.

Full Synopsis

Standing atop the a building with Winry under his arm, Scar taunts Kimblee down below, irking his long-time foe. Furious at the situation's outcome, Edward rushes towards Kimblee and angrily demands to know why the Crimson Lotus didn't keep a better eye on Winry, but Kimblee disregards Fullmetal's outburst and prepares to attack the Ishvalan fugitive with his alchemy, thereby further endangering the young lady. Ed manages to stop the transmutation, giving Scar a chance to make his escape. As the search party splits up again in pursuit, Major Miles remarks that Edward gave a convincing performance, but Ed replies that he wasn't acting - he truly is furious at himself for having to place Winry at risk like this.

The scene shifts to several minutes earlier, while Scar had still been held captive inside the building. Refusing to excuse himself for his actions in Ishval, he tells Winry that she has every right to take vengeance on him for the deaths of her parents, but Winry merely bandages the Scarred Man's wounds, remarking that - while she cannot forgive him for what he has done - tending to his injury is the course of action her parents would have taken. Ed approaches Scar next and declares that, despite Winry's wishes to the contrary, his own wish is to exact proper vengeance. Enduring this, Scar then addresses Miles, asking him what he had meant by calling him his countryman, and the Major removes his glasses while lamenting that he has had to meet one of his red-eyed brethren under these circumstances. Scar inquires as to why Miles would take part in the Amestrian military that razed their homeland and Miles responds that his goal now is to change Amestrians' perceptions of Ishvalans from within their own social system. Incredulous, Scar counters that people's minds do not change so easily, but Miles' explains that, however small, his actions will serve to make a difference in the long-run and that the person who had taught him that had been an Amestrian. Faced with this new perspective, Scar laments his state as a conduit for long-dead hatred and expresses gratitude that people like Miles exist. As Miles summons Kimblee and informs Scar that his arrest is imminent, Dr. Marcoh and May arrive on the scene and explained that they still require Scar's help in deciphering the crucial alchemical notes left by his brother. Comprehending the dilemma, Miles proposes that Scar, May, Winry and Marcoh all be hidden within the massive Fort Briggs until all the information about alkahestry, the research notes and the Nationwide Transmutation Circle (about which he had heard from Major General Armstrong) can be fully figured out. Edward expresses his reluctance, but faced with no other option, Miles demands Scar's cooperation, which the fugitive swears on his Ishvalan blood. Meanwhile, the bound Jerso and Zampano regain consciousness and Miles orders to have them shot. However, Al protests this and the indignant chimeras scoff at the armor boy's soft-heartedness, explaining that no happy future awaits alchemically-mutated monsters like them. However, revealing the state of his own body, Al convinces them that there exists hope that their bodies can be restored through alchemy or alkahestry if they only keep on living.

Unfortunately, with a snowstorm rolling in overhead, Miles notes that their previous plan to march to Briggs covertly would soon become impossible, but Yoki responds that Baschool's underground mining tunnels would likely serve as a decent escape route. Checking a map of the mine, Miles instructs Marcoh to head through the tunnels to the outside, where he can rendezvous secretly with some operatives from the fort; however Marcoh notes that the matter of Winry's escape remains an issue since her disappearance will only cause Kimblee to suspect the Elrics' hand. Understanding this, Winry herself comes up with a plan to escape with Scar as a pretend hostage. Pressed for time with Kimblee's approach, she bullies the Elrics into a reluctant compliance, which is strengthened by Scar's promise to keep her safe. Jerso and Zampano, facing execution at Kimblee's hand for their failure and moved by Alphonse's words, request to be brought along, even if they have to remain in cuffs. Once the two chimeras return to their original forms and are informed that any betrayal on their part will spell the deaths of everyone in the country - including the loved ones they left behind in their former life, the plan is enacted. Instructed to remove her metal earrings to avoid frostbite, Winry gives them to Ed for safekeeping and heads to the roof with Scar, where their ruse goes off with nary a hitch.

As all the troops hide from the blizzard in one of the many abandoned buildings, Miles receives word from Fort Briggs of an emergency situation. Scar, Marcoh, May, Winry, Yoki, Jerso and Zampano make their way through the mining tunnels and Scar reflects on the positive words of his master and his brother in regards to altering the world's state through patience and peace. The group rests in an abandoned office within the mine as Yoki examined a more detailed map and May remarks that her discoveries regarding the Philosopher's Stone have troubled her greatly; despite the Stone's evil nature, she is sure the emperor of Xing would not hesitate to sacrifice people in pursuit of it if told how the Stone is created, yet her clan depends on her return with the secret to immortality. Marcoh suggests that an alternate solution may be found once the notes are deciphered. Back at the makeshift base camp, however, Miles gives the Elrics far less hopeful news; Major General Armstrong was suddenly summoned to Central City by the Führer and operatives of Military Command have taken control of the fort in her absence, meaning that Briggs is no longer a safe place for Marcoh's group. They are walking toward a trap, but with the blizzard still raging, it is impossible to reach them in time to alter the plan. However, Alphonse, whose body will not freeze or tire in the snow, volunteers to make the journey.

Heading out with a map, Alphonse steadily makes his way toward where Marcoh and the others will emerge from the tunnels, but the whiteout conditions adds difficulties to his trek. Suddenly, the ivory haze blots out his vision and all sound dies away; confused, Al looks around and finds himself in a familiar white expanse, standing before the Gate. In the chamber with him, he sees his dreadfully emaciated human body, which stretches out an atrophied hand. Al reaches for his body, but before he can reach, he awakes in the blizzard again. Shaken by the unexpected vision, Al recalls Barry the Chopper's assertion that a dissimilar body and soul will eventually reject each other and posits that the process may have begun. Shaking this frightening thought from his mind, Alphonse presses on.

Deep beneath Central Command, Father places small totems upon a mock-up of the Five-Point Transmutation Circle or the very center of the world, while listing off the names of his potential Human Sacrifices; he names Alphonse Elric, Edward Elric, Van Hohenheim, and Izumi Curtis, but remarks that he still needs one more.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 72: A Chain of Negativity, A Pebble of Goodness and Chapter 73: A Daydream.
  • This is the first episode of the fourth season.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the fourth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood opening theme, "Period" by CHEMISTRY.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of the fourth Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ending theme, "Shunkan SENTIMENTAL" by SCANDAL.
  • The Transmutation Array that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the Blood Rune on Alphonse's armor.
  • Ed's remark that his skills of deception would be enough to fool Kimblee in regards to Winry's whereabouts is not in the corresponding manga chapter.
  • The totems hold no importance as their only role is to remind Father the Human Sacrifices.
    • Al's totem is surrounded by wire with a horn on its forehead and appears happy. The emotion might represent the happiness of being young as Alphonse is the youngest Human Sacrifice.
    • Ed's totem has two horns one on each side and the totem's side is filled with three spikes and looks angry. The emotion might represent the stress and anger he has felt since he used alchemy.
    • Hohenheim's totem looks calm and might represent his age and emotions.
    • Izumi's totem is surrounded by what looks like a snake and has a little head on its head. It might represent her unique knowledge of alchemy, since she taught herself alchemy, and her anger is her stress of her life.

Episode Cards

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