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When Scar is cornered by a pair of gruesome chimera, the Elrics must enter the fray as his unlikely allies. Later, Winry's attempt to confront Scar over his role in her parents' death ends in disaster.

Full Synopsis

Lt. Hawkeye returns home and mistakes her dog Hayate as Pride for a second, since she is still overwhelmed by finding out that Selim Bradley is a Homunculus and what he said to her about watching from the shadows. Riza is then contacted by Colonel Mustang on the phone posing as a flower salesman. He asks her to take some of flowers in addition to asking what's wrong. Hawkeye has to refuse to talk about it, and also does not want flowers since she doesn't have flower vases. Meanwhile, Major Miles reports to Kimblee and his men that reports indicate that Scar is likely hiding at their current location, the abandoned mining town Baschool. Miles states the search will be divided into teams, and that any sightings must be reported in. Darius and Heinkel decides they'll accompany the Elric brothers. The Elrics manage to give them the slip, thanks to a fake sighting and creating a fake wall with Alchemy inside a building. Ed realizes that finding Scar and that girl is going to be harder than he thought since this town is so big. Through sheer luck, May finds them in the building that they are hiding in.

After Al admits that they were looking for her, May with her overactive imagination, believes it is for the sake of love, and ignores that they are actually trying to learn more about Alkahestry from her. Hearing a rattling, Al realizes he forgot Winry was inside his armor and quickly releases her. As a lovestruck, May demands to know who she is. Dr. Marcoh then arrives and shows the Elrics that his face has been changed. Yoki then arrives next, and it takes the Elrics awhile to remember him barely. Yoki then explains his story of how he was the mining inspector at Youswell (who unfairly abused the people) until Ed tricked him into handing over the deed in exchange for gold bars that he later discovered were fake. Yoki states that after being thrown out of the State Military, he tried numerous adventures to get his life back on track, including investments at a casino, but it failed. Yoki also tried to break into the mansion owned by the Armstrong family, but the 2nd and 3rd daughters Amue and Strongine Armstrong caught him and forced him to flee to where the youngest daughter Catherine Elle Armstrong was. The shy Catherine then threw her piano at him knocking him into the distance to where the Ishvalan encampment was and Yoki was found by Rick and his Grandfather. It was then that Yoki swore revenge against the Elric brothers for his predicament.

The Elrics, however, ignore him as they are busy interacting with May and Dr. Marcoh. Kimblee is informed that Winry is missing and Miles heads out with two squad members to search for her. Meanwhile, Scar is confronted by Jerso and Zampano at another location. At first he is confident that he can beat them, until both men transform into their full Chimera forms. Ed reveals to Scar's group what he has learned about since they last met, how to make a Philosopher's Stone, the history of Amestris, and that there is something odd with their alchemy. Ed admits this is why they pursed May to learn more about Alkahestry. Marcoh then mentions that someone figured this out first and documented it into a book that is filled with his research notes, but they'll need Scar's help first to fully decipher it first before they can find answers. Hearing the sounds of battle and noticing it is in the direction Scar is in, the Elrics head off alone.

Scar is having difficulty fighting both Jerso and Zampano, as they are familiar with his fighting style and stick to fighting from a distance so Scar cannot affect them with his decomposition technique, leaving him no choice but to dodge their chimera-based attacks. After taking an injury on his left arm, Scar is held down by Jerso's saliva so he cannot escape. The Elrics then arrive and after Al recognizes their voices as two of the men Kimblee brought, they pretend they cannot recognize them as monsters to use as an excuse to knock Zampano out. Dodging Jerso's saliva, Ed finds he is much lighter due to his automail having been modified for cold resistant temperature, and being too overconfident, Ed gets his some saliva on his arm, as his punches are now lighter too. Fortunately, knowing what saliva is, Ed moves under Jerso and transmutes the saliva on his hand into water and then turns it into ice to attach it to Jerso's back. Ed then purposely attaches Al to Jerso's back to bind him. Zampano then attacks telling him to stop hitting him and Jerso and that he is on Ed's side, but Ed tricks him into reversing his transformation to prove it, and then knocks him out before Zampano can fully revert to his human form. Al then binds Jerso's neck to render him unconscious.

After freeing himself, Scar then faces the Elrics, only to find that he can no longer destroy Ed's automail arm since it's upgrade has given it new metallic substances besides steel to make it resistant to cold temperatures. Ed then kicks Scar in the leg, who then responds by targeting the ground to catch the Elrics off guard. Before Scar can target Ed's face, Winry intervenes, allowing the Elrics to knock him back in the confusion and Al then binds Scar's right arm to a wall with alchemy. As Ed demands why she came, Miles arrives with his team. He orders for his men to tie up Jerso and Zampano and is ready to arrest Scar for his crimes, despite him also being part of his own people. Winry then approaches Scar and demands the Elrics and Miles let her talk with him, but all he says to her is whatever he tells her will be an excuse despite having killed her parents.

An explosion then occurs outside the building. Back in the tunnel under Fort Briggs, Captain Buccaneer believes that their twenty-four hours are up since they had to head back slowly without any light in case of the monster. However, it turns out the tunnel hadn't been sealed yet and they return to the surface since Armstrong had deliberately given the team in charge of sealing it a stopped watch. Buccaneer then reports to Major General Armstrong and tells her that only two members of the advance team survived. While Armstrong comments on the beauty of Briggs mountain's landscape, Buccaneer can only thank her with that defective watch that saved them from being sealed in the tunnel which she has no idea what he is talking about. A military entourage then arrives, with a man demanding that Armstrong must give an account for something, though she and Buccaneer can tell that something is coming. Back at Baschool, Kimblee observes the explosions from the building the Elrics are in, just as Ed comes running out claiming that because he failed to watch Winry, she has now been taken hostage by Scar, who is then seen on the roof holding her in his arm.

Episode Notes

  • This episode is adapted from content in Chapter 71: In the Grip of the Red Lotus, Chapter 72: A Chain of Negativity, A Pebble of Goodness and Chapter 73: A Daydream.
  • The array that appears in the background of this episode's title card is part of the Dragon's Pulse tattoo on Scar's arm.
  • Despite Yoki's introduction being cut until now, he is given nearly a 5 minute long flashback with several added scenes of his misadventures after being thrown from the military; such as him trying to steal from the Armstrong family.
  • This was the last episode of the third season.
  • While the original Japanese version has both Jerso and Zampano keeping their human voices while transformed, the dub added voice effects over them, resulting in Zampano's speech being quite difficult to understand at times.

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