As Winry and the Elrics continue their journey to Ishbal, the homunculi set out to prevent them from reaching their destination.

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At the Southern Slums, the Ishbalans have been placed on a train bound for the military run camps. However, the train is delayed due to having problems with the water supply, which was caused by the Elrics. Surprised when Rick and Rio mention what the military did, Ed and Al talk with the Ishbalans about what Scar said about a Philosopher's Stone being created in Ishbal. While Rio denies it due to his newfound hatred for Scar, Scar's Master mentions the Ishbalan Exile in Kishua should know something and asks that Rick and Rio guide the Elrics there seeing it can't be helped. By having the hose go out of control when the ice is removed, it allows the State Military to remove the Ishbalans from the train so the Elrics can escape in the confusion with Rick and Rio. However Sgt. Fuery spots them, forcing Ed to knock him out. Winry arrives with a tractor she fixed and they use it as a getaway vehicle as Lt. Havoc spots them.

Later as they are traveling to the old man's home by train track, Ed brings up the topic that he does not want Winry to accompany him and Al on their adventures anymore and should return home to Resembool. When Winry objects, pointing out that she maintains Ed's automail, Al agrees with Ed due to his temptation to remove Wrath's limbs to return them to Ed. He couldn't attempt this due to Winry being present despite it being impossible, though Ed admits he could have done it to help their mission. Ed then points what Barry the Chopper said three years ago about easily killing someone, and then brings up the subjects of killing Majhal by accident, and almost killing the Central Prison convicts in Laboratory 5 to create the stone. Knowing he'll face Scar again, who Rio agrees should die, Ed points out that since he and Al will have to face more dangerous battles, it is better not to having anyone with them that would get in the way.

After narrowly dodging a train, the group arrives at Kishua and seeing the battle remains that took place, causes Rick to suffer a war memory until Rio snaps him out of it. With it clear that Rick and Rio can't go into the old man's tent due to their religious upbringing, Ed and Al head in alone and can only find the marking that is the same as Scar's tattoo. Lt. Hawkeye then shoots at them from the outside, knowing Ed would dodge it to make up for Fuery's injury. Watching Lts. Hawkeye and Breda escorting the Elrics to a military tent, Winry admits to the boys that Ed can straighten the mess out. Inside, Breda reveals that Colonel Mustang and Officer Falman have already returned to Central Command, which Ed is surprised about how quickly Mustang left. As they debate about the way the Ishvalans have been treated, Hawkeye reveals that no Ishvalans were killed, with the only actual causality being former Lt. Yoki, whom Ed remembers and is surprised he has died. Hawkeye admits at that moment, Mustang used his flame alchemy to force the extremist Ishvalans to stand down to prevent causalities on both sides.

Hawkeye reveals while they are transporting the Ishvalans south, they must first determine who killed Yoki and are keeping a few locked up. Realizing the old man is there, the Elrics learn that he was placed in protective custody due to his status as an exile. Winry learns from Rick and Rio that an exile is an Ishvalan cast out of Ishval for breaking the alchemy taboo and are forbidden from interacting with the regular Ishvalans with having a mark cast on their face as proof. The boys also reveal that Scar is now an exile as well. Changing the subject, Winry asks about the boys' mother. Rick mentions their mother was kind and worked in the hospital during the war.

As the Elrics talk with the old man, he reveals that Scar and his brother asked him about the stone before and that Scar's brother did not actually create the stone years ago due to being too kind. The exile then revealed that Alchemy was known as the Grand Art which was once followed in Ishval until it was banned. The old man then reveals there is no difference in creating a Philosopher's Stone between their different Alchemy styles, just the number of human sacrifices is different when a powerful alchemist brings the sacrifices together to create the stone which is the only method. In the desert, Scar begins carving a symbol with a huge rock that is chained to his body vowing never to sleep again. Flashing back, the old man reveals that when Scar saw the military in the area, he realized the Stone is the only thing powerful enough to oppose the military. Asking if he'll become an exile too, Scar admitted to the old man that he is one, since technically the sacrifices of his people are within his tattooed arm. This knowledge offended Rick and Rio who were with Scar, and Rio demanded that Scar should leave at once.

Winry learns Rick and Rio actually knew her parents and hung out with them, until their mother mentioned that Urey and Sara Rockbell were killed by a State Alchemist who controlled fire, which Winry realizes was Mustang. Back with Hawkeye and Breda in their tent, Ed and Al look at the photos of the wounds that killed Yoki. The Elrics realize that only Lust's Ultimate Spear could produce those wounds and, realizing she was Yoki's murderer, Ed mentions that Major Armstrong and Colonel Archer can back up their story. The Elrics leave the tent as some soldiers are restraining Winry, Rick and Rio. Talking it over, Ed reveals that the Ishvalans will not be punished for any wrongdoing, though they'll still be sent to the camps, and Ed decides his next objective is to locate Scar before he causes something terrible. When Ed is hesitant on admitting that he wishes to kill Scar, Rio accuses Ed of hating Ishvalans. Seeing if the boys are afraid of his automail arm, Ed admits how scared he was of the Ishvalans' red-colored eyes when he first met Scar in Central three years ago. Ed acknowledges that instead of following their emotional reactions or what they had been taught to believe, they should find their own answers.

When Ed asks on what Winry is going to do, she decides to go to Central to visit the Hughes family by traveling with Hawkeye. Watching their train leave, Ed and Al take the tractor and head off to Ishval first. On the train, Winry brings up the subject of her parents, to which Hawkeye responds on how soldiers have to kill, even if it means following orders that are irrational. Hawkeye also reveals despite her distaste in soldiers, she chose to remain one to protect someone (Mustang) of her own free will which was her choice to make. Meanwhile, Sloth introduces Wrath to Lust and Gluttony and orders them to head after the Elrics due to them heading to Ishval. Sloth reveals that if they discover the secret of the Ishval Civil War, then the Elrics will no longer wish to create the stone and it may become necessary to kill them. At the Hughes' house, Winry learns of Maes' death from Gracia and how he wanted to support Mustang's dream, though all Winry can do is cry.

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