The Elric boys are separated when kidnappers take Al to their hideout, leaving Ed frantic to find his brother. Izumi steps in to help her protégés as always, and finds they've learned something from life she could never have taught them alone... Responsibility.

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Starting off from the previous episode, Al faces the three chimeras: Roa, Martel, and Dolcetto. Martel is able to get into his armor and use her snake-like abilities to hinder his movements enough so Roa can restrain him. Once the signal is blown, Greed prepares to leave but not before picking Ed up, planning on injuring him further so he can't pursue them. However, noticing Dante and Lyra, Greed drops Ed back on the ground and leaves at once with Kimblee, returning to their hideout. A short while later, Ed is searching the city for Al, while Izumi and Sig meet with Dante, who informs them of the situation. The only clue they have is the cigarettes left behind with the words, Devil's Nest, on them. After Dante and Izumi talk about their different philosophies on the way of the world as well as Izumi pointing out the Elric brothers would find a truth different from Dante and her obsession with alchemy, Izumi and Sig leave. At the Devil's Nest underground bunker, Al converses with Dolcetto and Martel and asks how they became chimeras. They respond by mentioning they were once soldiers injured on the battlefield out east, and then turned into chimeras as research subjects before Greed broke them out of their imprisonment in Laboratory 5. Greed then returns, revealing that their place is for people who can no longer live normal lives and, as Al recognizes Mr. Tucker, Greed mentions that they only need him to treat the chimeras. Recognizing Greed as a homunculus from his ouroboros tattoo, Al learns that he and the other homunculi are enemies.

Greed then admits how impressed he is by Al's soul being bound to the armor and clearly wants that secret to truly become immortal even if he has to disassemble his armored body. When Al points out Ed will come to his rescue, Greed admits what he did to Ed earlier and an angry Al now knows Greed can't be trusted and creates a transmuted stone hand to attack him. However, Greed shrugs off the attack, knocks Al down (apologizing to Martel, who is inside Al's armored body) and lets Roa behead him to demonstrate his regenerative powers. He then reveals that even his homunculus body is not truly immortal. Someone then creates a door to the underground bunker, which Al believes is Ed, but is actually Izumi, who has arrived with Sig. Outside, Ed runs into Major Armstrong, and though he accuses the military of tailing him and letting Al get kidnapped, Armstrong reveals the chimeras are also their target and they are going to raid their hideout, the Devil's Nest. Izumi has defeated them and tries to attack Greed, explaining what she had come to do, but his Ultimate Shield blocks her attack. After yelling at Al for what she is going to do to him and Ed afterward for what happened on their errand, she manipulates the floor with alchemy to trap Greed. Once Greed mentions his intentions to her, she uses the same alchemy attack that Al used earlier, but it also has no effect, allowing him to break free.

As they are surrounded, Sig fights the chimeras, leaving Izumi to fight Greed. When she attacks Greed with a spear, her condition affects her, rendering her helpless until Ed arrives. Outside, the troops, led by Lt. Colonel Archer, prepare for their attack. As Ed demands Greed to give Al back and let go of Izumi, Al reveals Greed as a homunculus, and Izumi breaks free when Greed is caught off-guard by Ed. Once Ed and Izumi's next attack fails and then with Izumi now helpless from her condition, Ed must face Greed alone. Outside, the military operation begins, and Kimblee has killed Ulchi in another room to get to his safe. While fighting Ed, Greed reveals of how similar their obsessions are due to what they are seeking, although Ed denies the facts. Seeing how serious Ed is, Greed transforms into his full armored form, and is able to resist Ed's attacks, pointing out that he can't beat him or the other homunculi due to him never having intentionally killed anyone before.

The military continue their raid as Kimblee now has the skull in his possession. Greed is then informed to what is happening upstairs, and although they block the door, Kimblee arrives with Archer. Recognizing that Kimblee has the skull, Greed realizes that he has betrayed him and quickly retreats through the hole created by Roa with the chimeras, taking Al with them. Ed cannot purse them because the soldiers are holding him at gunpoint, explaining that Archer demands to meet with him.

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