Archer arrests the mysterious boy on suspicion of being a homunculus conspirator. Infuriated, Izumi leaps into action, single-handedly attacking the military.

Full Synopsis

At the Southern Slums, former Lt. Yoki who had been reduced to living there since Ed got him discharged after the Youswell incident watches as the Ishvalan refugee camp arrives. The man in charge assures Scar's Master that despite their origin they should be safe there since it is filled with people who cannot return to their homeland being either criminals or former military officers that were discharged after being exposed for illegal activities. However, Yoki recognizes Scar and decides to make a call. Meanwhile in Dublith, the boy escapes Ed by transmuting through a wall and Ed is approached by a lizard man named Bido who mentions Ed's interest in the Philosopher's Stone. Back at Sig's shop, he is ignoring Lt. Colonel Archer's questions regarding the Elric brothers or his wife Izumi by responding in meat terms while Winry and Mason watch behind a door. Major Armstrong then steps up and both he and Sig show off their enormous muscles, and end up shaking hands as Winry steps out worried about Armstrong's safety, where Archer asks where the Elrics are.

Back outside, Ed's conversation with Bido continues, and Bido reveals that Mr. Tucker told him everything about them offering to take him and Al someplace, just as Al arrives. Ed tries to transmute a wall to stop him from escaping, but Bido easily climbs it and leaves just as Archer and Armstrong arrive. Archer realizes that person is one of the chimera that escaped Laboratory 5. After being introduced by Armstrong, Archer demands to talk, but the Elrics leave due to having the issue of locating the boy. They find the boy on the roof, and while he questions what happened to Ed's right arm and left leg, the Elrics privately discuss that despite it being weird, the arm and leg he has were definitely Ed's. However, Archer and Armstrong have them under surveillance and Archer wishes to apprehend the boy, noticing him as a Homunculus due to an Ouroboros tattoo on his right foot. Armstrong launches an attack, knocking the boy off the roof and then binding him much to the Elrics' confusion. Archer then shows the tattoo explaining they are taking the boy to the military base at South City for questioning. Ignoring the absurd explanation from Ed about the boy's arm and foot, Armstrong suggests for them to return to their teacher's house, unaware that Bido was listening to their conversation.

At Central Command, the Führer's secretory talks with Yoki over the phone regarding his discovery of Scar's location and verifies that if he is caught then Yoki can be reinstated back into the military. Bido contacts the Devil's Nest where Greed, Tucker, the other chimeras and Kimblee had fled to. Greed decides to focus on the boy, believing it is a better choice to get to him first to recruit him for his team so it would be easier to deal with the other Homunculus. Refusing to let Dolcetto go into the base due to it being guarded, Greed lets Kimblee go there due to him being posted there once before, but warns him not to betray them. Izumi returns, angered with what happened, while Al demands what her interest is in the boy and points out the special powers a Homunculus has. Before revealing the secret of the Homunculus' birth, Izumi coughs up blood again and Sig takes her to a hospital. At the hospital, a doctor explains numerous vital organs are missing from Izumi's body which is the reason for her incurable illness and the Elrics suspect that she too performed Human Transmutation. They soon learn that she and Sig are gone.

Arriving at Southern Command, Izumi leaves Sig to head inside to take the boy back, and the Elrics and Winry arrive as Izumi starts her assault. While the Elrics pursue Izumi, Sig reveals to Winry that years ago, Izumi was pregnant with their first and only child. When she was near her due date, she became gravely ill, so Sig made the decision to have her take medication. Their son, however, became stillborn, which left both of them in great depression, but Izumi suffered the most. She tried to perform Human Transmutation to bring their still-born son back to life which failed and cost her those organs and made her sterile, and when she came back, she told Sig she was sorry. Izumi quickly makes work of the military personnel and frees the boy. Outside, using a military officer as an ingredient, Kimblee blows a hole in the wall so he and Bido can enter. Just as Archer orders Armstrong to apprehend Izumi, Führer Bradley appears. Ed confronts Izumi, demanding she release the boy and flee since he is still technically a dog of the military. That is when the Führer, Armstrong, Archer, Bido, and Kimblee show up, turning it into a four-way struggle.

At the Southern Slums, Scar notices an Ishvalan that was not part of their group to which his master warns him not to make contact as he is an exile who was cast out of Ishval for violating their sacred laws though Scar seems to recognize him. Unknown to everyone, the Führer at the Southern Command is Envy in disguise, as the real Führer at Central Command dispatches the Mustang Unit to apprehend Scar. Scar enters the exile's tent and notices a few symbols, one which is the same as his tattoo.

Episode Notes

  • The Homunculus Pride is first mentioned by Greed in this episode, though his identity is not revealed until ten episodes later.
  • The scene of Major Armstrong and Sig Curtis showing up their muscular bodies is based off Chapter 28: A Fool's Courage from the manga. The only difference is that Frank Archer, a character exclusive to this series, is the man accompanying Armstrong, rather than the Führer, as in the manga. Additionally in the manga, Bradley is wearing vacation-themed clothing instead of his military uniform.

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