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The Homunculi are winning. Ed and Ling face a horrific enemy within the hellish expanse of Gluttony’s gut. In Central, Mustang can only watch as his loyal band of soldiers is divided by Bradley.

Full Synopsis

Ed wakes up and finds he is in a mysterious place. After failing to call out Al, he calls out Ling instead. After Ling complains to Ed for calling him an "idiot prince," the two accuse each other of being Envy. However, due to both Lings's offer to recite what he ordered on his food bill, and Ed's temper for being called short, they confirm the other person is not Envy. Ling suspects that they are actually in Gluttony's body and when Ed doubts if it were possible, Ling points out a few clues, the portion of the safe house that was digested, Riza Hawkeye's car, and the flames from Roy Mustang's Flame Alchemy. As Ling assesses they are not in a safe place, Ed notices the left hand from Al's armor and confirms that Al wasn't swallowed with them. Looking around and seeing the other materials that are there, Ed decides to find a way for him and Ling to escape, but nothing works. Meanwhile May Chang is depressed since she hasn't seen Xiao-Mei since their last battle. Yoki's comment on if she was eaten by a dog further upsets May.

May reveals that due to a disease Xiao-Mei cannot grow and she took care of her after her own mother abandoned her. Flashing back to the day they met, May reveals that since her clan is the least powerful clan in Xing it would explain how she was drawn to Xiao-Mei due to being at the bottom of the scale. It was because of this the two became very close, and it had been Xiao-Mei that helped May travel through the desert to Amestris successfully. May reveals to Yoki that her mission is to get a Philosopher's Stone and gain immortality otherwise her clan may by wiped out. Since it is still night out with fewer MPs, Scar decides to search for her. May is happy about this and Yoki suggests that since his people had been wiped out in a conflict then Scar can understand her situation and May happily departs with Scar. Meanwhile Ed and Ling begin to weaken from exhaustion and hunger. After Ling collapses, Ed attempts to bribe Ling with promising him food later and then using Ling's pride and devotion to encourage to get up. When this fails, Ed is forced to carry Ling, but this quickly fails as well when Ed trips on a rock and the two need to rest.

Since leather is edible, Ed is forced to cook his left boot as food since he doesn't need it since his automail leg replaced his left leg . After eating, though Ling apologizes for being a hindrance to Ed for this, Ed points out compared this is nothing compared to his rough survival training. Ling senses, and then confirms this as Envy. Ed demands that Envy show them the way out. Envy reveals that there is actually no way out and that this is actually both Gluttony's stomach and is not. After giving Ed a quick reminder, Envy confirms this place is an incomplete duplication of The Gate, admitting their Father tried to duplicate it and failed even with his abilities which is whey Ed can't feel the same vibrations here that he could at the real gate. Envy states that since there is no exit, they can only wait until all their strength is gone and all of them will then die out. At first Ed has trouble believing this, but then the cold truth sinks into both him and Ling. Ed is furious that he can't fulfill his promise to Al, and learns from Envy that Father is not referring to King Bradley (Wrath) since he is a simple Homunculus.

Recalling of how the Homunculi have been using human lives to make a Philosopher's Stone in Laboratory 5, Ed demands to Envy if they are responsible for the war in Ishval. Envy confirms this since he was disguised as the soldier who shot the Ishvalan child that started the war. As Ed becomes enraged and moves closer to Envy, Envy admits the soldier he impersonated was court-martialed for the crime, and that the soldier was actually an anti-war protester who disagreed with the State Military's intervention in Ishval. Ed is furious as Envy is directly responsible for the events leading to Scar's quest for vengeance, and the deaths of Winry's parents and punches him, but his punch is blocked. Deciding to fight, Envy transforms into his true monstrous state as Ling reminds Ed how much impact he made during their earlier battle in the forest, which means that Envy is much heavier than he looks. Back outside Al is pondering what to do, and once Gluttony mentions his Father, Al decides to accompany him to Father, since technically he is a sacrifice and he and Xiao-Mei follow Gluttony.

Meanwhile at Central Command, while the top brass discuss on the sacrifices for Father's plan, which includes the Elric brothers, Tim Marcoh, and Solf J. Kimblee. When an unnamed General asks about their other sacrifice candidate Roy Mustang, Lt. General Raven mentions the Führer will have a talk with him. In the Führer's office, Bradley tells Mustang that the Homunculus have been in control of Amestris since it's founding. Asking why Bradley was his shaking hands during Maes Hughes' funeral, Bradley tells Mustang that while he expected to bury Hughes in his uniform, he was furious that day due to Elicia Hughes' crying. Bradley also mentions that it won't work if Mustang were to inform Selim of his father's true identity. Outside Hawkeye is approached by Kain Fuery who tells her that he is being transferred to South City. He also reveals that Heymans Breda is being transferred to West City and Vato Falman is being transferred to North City. Just then an officer from the Personnel Bureau Yakovlev arrives with the Führer's assistant Storch to inform Hawkeye she is being transferred to the Führer's personal assistant. As Bradley dismisses Mustang, Ed and Ling begin their battle with Envy. After quickly getting overpowered by Envy's attacks, Ed uses the iron in the blood to transmute a small sword for Ling to use and then transmutes his automail sword. As Ed and Ling get ready to strike despite having minor injuries, Al horrifically learns that Father is in Central.

Episode Cards

Episode Notes

  • The marking that appears in the background of this episode's title card is the Ouroboros mark worn by the Homunculi.
  • Much of the light-hearted exchanges between Ed and Ling in the original manga, mostly entailing how Edward will be remembered as the man who fed a boot to the next Emperor in Xingese history, is omitted, presumably for time.
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