In Central to repair the Elrics, Winry grows enraged when the brothers refuse to share the truth about their lives. Meanwhile, Al's recurring questions about the nature of his existence begin to take their toll.

Full Synopsis

After the explosive finale to Laboratory 5, Ed wakes up in the hospital, finding Al in a corner whose armor is still missing its limbs, and Ed promises to fix him. Sergeant Brosh and 2nd Lt. Ross ask what happened in Lab 5, which Ed shrugs it off as no big deal. Ross angrily slaps him for his reckless behavior that nearly took his and Al's lives. Though she apologizes in advance for her misconduct, Ed knows he was partly at fault and apologizes to his bodyguards for putting them on the line. Almost immediately afterwards, Ed calls Winry to have her travel to Central City to fix his automail arm. Winry agrees, while trying not to admit her mistake in the arm's maintenance, though her grandmother notices and states to do the maintenance right this time. After spending the night leading his team in surveying Lab 5, Lt. Colonel Hughes goes to the hospital the next day to check on the Elrics. Pretending to be hungry, Hughes has Ross and Brosh go get some food for him. Now alone with the Elrics, Hughes reveals that everything he surveyed so far has been about the Chimeras, the secret equipment, and the fake Basque Grand that brought the prisoners from Central Prison for sacrifice and wants to know what happened. The Elrics can only reveal about the Homunculi and their plans. Ed draws a few pictures of what he saw and mentions what Dr. Marcoh said about the Stone being used in the Ishval Civil War. Hughes takes all of Ed's descriptions, promising the Elrics that he'll handle things from here while they rest up.

Winry arrives at the train station and is greeted by Major Armstrong, who escorts her to the hospital. Surprised by this, Winry tries to admit her mistake, but Ed acts as though he was too rough with his automail arm which she reluctantly accepts. Back at Central Command, Colonel Mustang contacts Hughes to know what is happening, but Hughes laughs it off by reminding him of his daughter Elicia's fourth birthday tomorrow, and then explains to Sheska it is better to keep it quiet for now. Later that day, while trying to encourage Ed to drink his milk, Winry notices that he and Al are not talking to each other. Winry becomes angry for all the secrets they've been keeping from her despite her concerns, she leaves, only to encounter Hughes, who formally introduces himself and takes her to his house for Elicia's birthday, hoping to help her unwind and give the Elrics more time to rest. Winry happily observes the birthday party and sees all the fun as well as the presents Elicia is getting, including the book that Sheska gives to her, though she thanks her by addressing Sheska as the "Bookworm". As Winry bonds with Elicia, Hughes states they are like siblings and tells Winry that while the Elric brothers do keep secrets from her, it is only because they are not to raise any concerns, though they still count on her for support. Before Winry leaves, Gracia gives her a birthday cake for Ed.

Heading back to the hospital with the cake, Winry reminisce about the Elrics' past birthday cakes, while Al has Brosh put him outside till the repairs on Ed's arm are complete. While doing the repairs, Winry asks about the tension between him and Al, and Ed believes it was due to him almost sacrificing the prisoners to complete the Philosopher's Stone to return Al to normal. Ed admits he only stopped because Al was watching him, something that Winry is thankful for, knowing how Al would have felt. Meanwhile, Al is still conflicted by Barry's words and the Homunculi being artificial humans, which makes him question if he was human. Once the repairs on Ed's automail arm is complete, Winry encourages Ed to apologize to Al once they head outside to see him. After Ed apologizes, he transmutes spare parts Winry brought to repair Al's armor. However, Al is still upset by the concept of his soul and memories to have possibly been fake, bringing up the information Ed was hesitant to mention back in Resembool, which Ed surprises that this was disturbing Al. Believing himself to be artificially created, Al ignores Ed and Winry's words and runs away from the hospital. Ed tries to chase after him, but is restrained by Winry and they both sadly watch as Al runs off.

Episode Notes

  • In reference to the creator of the manga, Hiromu Arakawa, when Winry and Ed fight about Ed not drinking his milk, cows with glasses on are seen in the background, which is the creator's "self-portrait" shown mostly in the manga omakes.
  • Although not yet introduced in the series, Izumi Curtis and her husband briefly appear at the train station before Winry sees Major Armstrong.

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