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Ed and Al's quest to restore their lives takes a devastating turn when they discover the gruesome secret ingredient required to create a Philosopher's Stone.

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Continuing from the previous episode, Ed and Al are both upset that live human beings are used as the key ingredient in creating the Philosopher's Stone. To help the Elrics relax, 2nd Lt. Ross has to convince Major Armstrong that the Elrics are sleeping to prevent him from intruding and creating more tension. In their room, Ed is having doubts believing they may have to remain this way for the rest of their lives since their search for the Philosopher's Stone had become more complicated due to the complication of sacrificing people despite Al's protests. Later on as he is looking over the notes, Al believes they may have misread something, which Ed does not care about knocking over the notes and attracting both Ross and Sergeant Brosh. As she picks up the notes, Ross admits she overheard them earlier and believes Ed might be scared of the possibility that all their searching will be in vain. Ross then points out that they can keep trying for having accomplished something, which Ed agrees to keep pressing forward to the end. Talking it over at the table with both Ross and Brosh, Ed believes that Marcoh's research so far had only resulted in an incomplete Stone and recalling Marcoh's hint and confirming the tip "Truth Behind Truths" from the paper, Ed believes something else is involved. Taking out a map, Ed believes that a large facility is required to make a Philosopher's Stone, and the only suspicious laboratory is the closed down Laboratory 5 that was ran by the late Basque Grand. Since it was located next to Central 2nd Prison, Ed believes the military could secretly use the lives of the condemned criminals as Philosopher Stone ingredients.

Ross refuses for the Elrics to head to Lab. 5 since Scar is still on the loose, stating she and Brosh will go in their place, which Ed pretends to agree with, but he and Al slip out later that night. While Lt. Colonel Hughes continues to search for Scar's body and working as a slave driver towards Sheska, the Elrics arrive at Lab. 5. Noticing trip wire alarms on the other side of the gate, the Elrics are even more suspicious due to the tight security in an abandoned facility unaware of them being monitored on video camera. Al throws Ed up the wall so he can used barbed wire as a rope to get Al past the gate. The two find the entrance is barricaded too and a small vent, which Ed decides to go on alone. Back at the National Library, Ross tries to contact Armstrong just as Scar attacks looking for the Elrics. Despite not having fully recovered from his battle with the Homunculi, Scar overcomes the guards and discovers the notes the Elrics used and uses his alchemy to confirm the Elrics now know the Stone's secret. Noticing the map that confirms the Elrics are heading to Lab. 5, Scar escapes as Ross, Brosh, and more guards arrive. Ross and Brosh then notice the rope, confirming the Elrics snuck out to Lab. 5.

Envy meets with Lust and Gluttony, verifying his mission in Reole is over and things will go smoothly. While he suggests they should kill Ed that now he knows about the Lab, Lust doesn't want to rush until Ed fulfilled his purpose, though Envy knows Ed can't get there easily due to the guards they're using are idiots. While complaining about his size while it's helping him through the vent, Ed finds a exit only to find more traps. After barely dodging a huge boulder due to his small size, Ed uses Alchemy to disable the traps unknowingly damaging the seal of Greed, another Homunculus who is stored below the Lab. Ed reaches a room where he ends up facing one of the guards Number 48. The other guard Number 66 attacks Al outside explaining that once Al hears his real name, he'll wet his pants. As Ed's battle with Number 48 begins, Number 48's sword is able to overpower Ed's automail sword, as Winry, in Resembool, realizes she forgot to install an A-08 screw in Ed's automail arm. Noticing his opponent's quick reactions, Ed pulls off the mask of Number 48's helmet, confirming that his body is a hollow much like Al's, just as Number 66 rushes with his weapon at Al.

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