This article is about the episode from the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime series. For the similarly titled manga chapter, see Chapter 9: A Home with a Family Waiting. For the similarly titled episode of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, see Episode 6: Road of Hope (2009 series).


In Resembool for the first time in years, Edward and Alphonse sift through the ashes of their childhood. With memories fading and graves long grown-over, both must redefine their view of family and home.

Full Synopsis

As the hobbled Elrics return to their childhood village of Resembool for the first time in over four years which they mention to Major Armstrong, hearing Den, Pinako informs Winry they have guests. As Edward argues with Pinako for being smaller than before, along with Armstrong getting in the way and introducing himself formally, Winry throws a wrench, hitting Ed in the face. As Winry is distraught after seeing her automail and Al's armor in ruins, Pinako states that Ed grew a bit so the automail leg will need re-adjustments in addition to the new automail arm and will take three days to build. Ed then has to talk his way out of Winry's suspicion about them doing something dangerous once they return to Central City. Ed heads out to observe the town with Al, having a spare leg to replace his automail version, while Pinako asks Armstrong about what the two brothers are doing. Armstrong responds that while they are drawn into danger due to Edward's reputation, the two are strong enough to overcome it, something Pinako recalls from when they visited her and Winry on the day of their human transmutation and Ed's automail operation. Ed leaves with Den to visit his mother's grave, while Armstrong uses his abilities to chop wood despite Pinako's advice of taking time to relax. Al comes to the fearful realization that his memories are fading when failing to recognize a girl he knew from the past.

That night, Winry becomes obsessed with the State Alchemist pocket watch, something that neither Edward or Armstrong are too keen with due to her habit of disassembling things. While in their room, Al asks Ed about his past due to his fear about losing their memories, and Ed mentions something that he was afraid to tell Al for a long time. Just as Ed is hesitant to say what it is, Major Armstrong interrupts and encourages them to look at the nighttime starry sky, something that Central City does not have which Ed recalls having done from a long time ago. The next day, the operation to attach the new automail limbs begins and Armstrong later talks with Pinako about the pain of attaching automail after helping hold Ed down. Winry reveals to Ed the new automail is designed to be lighter allowing easier movement, but is also now more fragile so Ed needs to avoid being reckless. Ed goes outside ready to use the armor fragments to reconstruct Al's armor and explains the importance of the Blood Rune to Armstrong, who gets over-emotional after hearing the seal is from Ed's blood. Once the repair is done, Ed and Al playfully spar to test their skills as their teacher recommended. While Winry decides to look at Ed's pocket watch, Armstrong decides to join in the Ed and Al's sparring session. As Winry notices a small date engraved inside the watch, Armstrong forces Al to the ground, but Ed and Al use a teamwork play to take down Armstrong.

Later, after taking a shower outside, Ed is confronted by a heartbroken Winry about what she saw in his pocketwatch, and she apologizes for taking it. Ed angrily confirms it was the date he and Al left on their journey and states they have no home to return to despite Winry's tearful objections that he and Al still have her and Pinako. That night, the Elrics and Armstrong survey the area where the Elrics used to live, with Al remembering what those days were like, and after Armstrong mentions they still have a home to return to, the group returns to the Rockbell house with Winry using a flashlight in the same manner that Ed and Al's mother used to do. The next day, the Elrics and Armstrong depart for Central and, after saying their goodbyes, Winry mentions to her grandmother what she saw in Ed's pocketwatch.

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